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Bills sign Matt Milano to 4 yr, 44 mill deal with 24 mill gtd

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He's a great player for the team.  You drafted him.  When you could get a guaranteed fit for that price at that age, you are foolish to let it walk out the door.


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I am absolutely shocked by this. He probably could have gotten more on the open market. What a time to be alive. Players taking less money to stay in Buffalo?!?

From his Twitter    

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I never thought they would re-sign him. I had already moved on and figured that a linebacker would be taken somewhere between the 1st and 3rd Rounds. Great job, Brandon Beane! :beer:

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3 minutes ago, Giuseppe Tognarelli said:

Nervous about health, and disappointed we'll be paying this much for both Milano and Klein with one of them on the bench... but that's more a complaint about the Klein contract. Overall pleased.

If Klein can be used on 3rd downs or passing downs as a pass rusher he fills a role otherwise he's wasting cap space on the bench.

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3 minutes ago, Jauronimo said:

Maybe he realizes hes in an ideal situation playing in McD's defense.  A lot of these free agents sign big deals, get put in bad positions and wind up getting axed after under performing.


Exactly. As long as he can stay healthy he’s likely to earn every penny in this scheme.


We looked like a different defense with him in there. This is great (and unexpected) news.





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