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Trade up or trade back in this year’s draft?

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On 2/26/2021 at 2:58 AM, GunnerBill said:


Is it? I have to say I am not in love with this draft class. It is a really good group of offensive tackles, maybe the best I have ever looked at in terms of depth (think last year's top 4 were ahead of this year's top 4 but there are still good round 1 options). I think there is decent depth to the edge group too but it lacks stand out talents at that spot. 


Beyond that.... meh. There are a couple of nice receivers I like later but it isn't close to last year's class. 


Not saying I wouldn't be open to them moving back from #30... especially if they can pick up a 2 and a 3 and give themselves 4 picks in the top 100... but the guys they will be picking there are more cheap contributers than stars IMO.

Bills need to play with the salary cap at this point, getting younger, less expensive contributors. Bills may be shedding DTs, Edge players, and will likely need a LB. They'll also be filling holes in the OL. They need bodies, that can turn into potential starters. At best, we can trade down from the first round, and still get a potential rookie starter or two with the 1st and 2nd picks. After that, it is about cheaper players. If we're talking about scoring some impact FAs, the FO will have to sacrifice somewhere. Trading down gives us cap relief while still filling holes in the roster.


And yes, draft depth is there at Tackle, CB and LB, three areas where the Bills can use help.   

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1 hour ago, GunnerBill said:


Agree on tackle. To an extent on linebacker. I do not really like the corner class below the top 3 or 4 guys.

Corner is always a wild card. Our roster has a 1st rounder (Tre), a 4th (Johnson), and two UDFAs (Wallace and Cam Lewis). I feel better going with a later round CB, while targeting a OT and LB with 1 and 2. We're mostly in a position to take best available. 

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9 minutes ago, atlbillsfan1975 said:

100% back for me. The only position the Bills need to justify a trade up is a DE or pass rusher. I just don’t see the value there. 
Moving back would be great. Immediate impact players at RT, LB, CB, and RB all can be found in the top 100 picks. 

A lot depends on who we get in FA. We could wind up with our DE/pass rusher there 🤞

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On 2/23/2021 at 12:31 AM, LABILLBACKER said:

As much as I'd kill to trade up and go after Pitts, it would be foolish and way too costly. Because of the pandemic this whole season was upside down. Most college players have less tape to go off of. Draft picks this season will be much riskier. And the lower cap puts us in a weaker position to sign the players we desperately need like "in the trenches". The correct strategy for Beane I feel is to trade back and get that extra 2nd round pick and maybe a 4th? Obviously there's so many players you'd like to snag. Najee Harris, Boogie Basham, a killer 1tech or a run blocking guard. Maybe a LB to replace Milano? We'll need to walk away from all the players Ethan mentioned and maybe a few more. It's all about beating KC from here on out. And a pass rusher should be #1 priority. 

I can align with your general strategy, but I think what you expect in return is a bit optimistic.  Are you saying pick 30 for a mid/high 2nd and equivalent 4th?  If so, that might be possible.


2 hours ago, buffaloaggie said:

Corner is always a wild card. Our roster has a 1st rounder (Tre), a 4th (Johnson), and two UDFAs (Wallace and Cam Lewis). I feel better going with a later round CB, while targeting a OT and LB with 1 and 2. We're mostly in a position to take best available. 

Except the OL was not good enough last season (especially run blocking) and they are likely to be looking for a starting RT and backup swing tackle in the draft.

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