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Super Bowl Game Thread: Kansas City at Tampa Bay 6:30 Eastern on CBS

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*Allen runs away from immediate pressure in his face and heaves a throw into triple coverage


Media: "oh my gawd, did you see how bad Josh allen is?... What a crazy joke."


*Mahomes does same thing


Media: "wow. So much effort. So much heart. He wants it so bad. They didn't block any of those bad men who were twying to huwt his poor widdle toe...."

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Just now, billsherd said:

Bucs are running the ball at will. How bad is bills running game?


To be fair in some of the last games of the season, when we were far ahead, the Bills ran the ball just as well.  KCs D is spent.  

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Just now, The Jokeman said:

The difference is Josh does it from pressure, Mahomes seem to purposely run backwards at the start of the play to me.

I'm gonna get in trouble for this probably but josh allen looks better to me when everything is breaking down...maybe its because he had his whole first year playing on a team with zero talent to practice 🤣

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1 hour ago, RiotAct said:

this actually makes me feel better in a way, knowing if we would have made it instead of KC, Tampa might have very well done the same thing to us.  Is that weird?

Not at all. If Bills are going to be in SB, this was  not the year.  But... we are close!

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Foolish of me to think KC was this juggernaut that wouldn't miss their LT that much.  I should have seen this coming, particularly with Tampa's front 7.


They've dominated this game.


I know the popular vote will be Gronk or Brady for MVP, but I feel like someone on that defense should be in the mix.  They've been too good.

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