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PREDICT THE SCORE: 2020 AFC Championship Game - Bills at Chiefs

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Bills 27 Chiefs 31

Chiefs 24 Bills 10   Bills offense continues to take a step back and our lack of rushing attack allows their defense to drop 7 in coverage.  Henne starts, but it makes no difference.  

Bills 42 Queefs 0 We have not seen Josh Allen and the Bills passing offense at its best in the last two playoff games. We'll see this at its finest on Sunday.

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I predict that this game gets away from Mahomes as he is not 100% and there is some unraveling and uncharacteristic mistakes.  Bills play their A game on offense, defense and special teams.


Bills-40 (5 tds, 1 FG, 1 safety)



Oh, and they’re winning the Super Bowl too in case you were wondering.

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Bills 27

Chiefs 24 OT


Damp weather keeps the scoring down...KC wins the toss in OT and eventually fumbles... Buffalo recovers and kicks game winning field goal...

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I'm usually debbie downer, but I said that if we got past our our worst matchup (the Ravens) that we would go (and probably win) the SB.  Even if Mahomes plays, he won't be 100% and so I think we win something like 28-21.  

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