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Bills fans get free car wash in Dallas and Denver

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9 hours ago, chknwing334 said:

I actually have that shirt. And that sticker on my car  MyO93OM.jpg



Matching boxers too? You should have the full ensemble.

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7 hours ago, Rubes said:

Bills win the Super Bowl and I’m getting that bastard tattooed on my shoulder.


I won't go that far but I would lie if I said a Bills Superbowl tattoo has not crossed my mind. I have one tattoo to represent 21 years in the service that I got when I retired. I have 47 years Bills fandom so getting that SB win would merit it in my mind.

Polar Bear.jpg

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18 hours ago, T&C said:

What part of Tampa? Ever been to the Brandon Bills Backers Bar O'Briens?


I used to live in Riverview, but now moved north to the New Tampa area. And yes, been to O'Briens many times. Great bar, but a little cramped when it gets crowded. I was going to go to today's game, but got an invite to watch both games today with some friends who are Packer fans. 


If the Bills win today, definitely doing the O'Briens thing next week. It would great if they do the outdoor thing if the Bills happen to get to the AFCCG.


Ahhhhh,... don't want to get ahead of myself.  


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Visited Hello Car Wash in Garland, TX, that's Frank the owner on the right.  Lots of good Bills juju for tonight!2021-01-16-12-51-21.thumb.jpg.ff46479b998c0f5deb34324bf0d3e222.jpg

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On 1/15/2021 at 4:52 PM, Heathcliff said:

Just returned from Hello Car Wash in Garland (Dallas area) after getting my free wash. The owner is from Western NY and I saw a story on WGR that anyone that shows up in Bills garb gets a free wash. It was their ultimate wash not basic. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t run in to any other Bills fans. 

I grew up in South Garland. Went to Centerville Elementary, Brandenburg Middle and one qtr at SGH 

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