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Wild Card: evening game Browns at Steelers 8:15 pm NBC

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Should I go ahead and start the game week thread for Ravens to jinx this?

I’m a little concerned by the Ravens, but if we can’t beat the Ravens, how are winning the Super Bowl ? There’s still two games after the divisional round. 

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2 minutes ago, CincyBillsFan said:


If our D & ST's play better then they did against the Colts I like our chances.  The bottom line is that the Ravens only scored 20 points today and I think our defense is better then the Titans. And 20 points ain't going to beat us.


One thing for sure is the "experts" will be stoking the Ravens all week and that is going to sharpen the Bills focus.





We figured out how to play then last year right? We taught a teams how to beat them? And now we have a strong Josh Allen and a guy named Diggs

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Just now, CincyBillsFan said:


Maybe not.  We were all saying the Steeler's were getting a bye tonight.  Playoff football is weird.



Agreed.  Not sure why ppl think Cleveland is some fluke...I know we all can't stand Baker but that is a talented team with a good head coach finally

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