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Steelers Fans Disrespect The Ralph Statue

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Oh how I wish the Bills were in the AFC North...those would be true rivalries...😂🤣👍   #Rustbeltdivision

Oh, it’s on like Donkey Kong now you ranch-dipping degenerates. I hope Josh and company lump you up and hang 50 on the scoreboard.    How dare you?    

I think it's pretty funny. Only thing that bothers me a bit is that Ralph passed and they did that to his memory at the stadium, otherwise it's pretty funny and they didn't actually damage the statue.

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1 hour ago, NewEra said:

Will we play renegade in the stadium tomorrow?


I hope not.  That would be stupid.  Why rile them up?

1 hour ago, BADOLBILZ said:



I think Art would look good with some zubaz.


give me a notion of scale.  Is that a child standing by the statue?  How big is that thing?


Zubaz are only the starting place.  Heh.

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1 hour ago, Freddie's Dead said:

Good clean fun.  It's ironic that when the NFL was looking to create a rust belt division with the Bills, Steelers, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, Ralph vetoed the idea because he wanted to keep the rivalry with the Fish.  Oh, what might have been.


They still should do this but move both the Steelers and the Ravens. Especially now when AFC East rivalries are at an all time low because of the Patriots. Browns and Bengals rivalries with the Steelers and Ravens mostly turn out to be "lets take this guys head off".


AFC North  AFC South AFC West AFC East
Bills Dolphins Chargers Jets
Browns Jaguars Raiders Patriots
Bengals Titans Broncos Ravens
Colts Texans Chiefs Steelers
NFC North NFC South NFC West NFC East
Vikings Cowboys 49ers Giants
Packers Saints Seahawks Eagles
Bears Falcons Rams Redskins
Lions Buccaneers  Cardinals Panthers


Yeah yeah yeah, I destroy the cowboys nfc east rivalries.


Where are we at with the revenge on Steelers Stadium?

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2 hours ago, JaCrispy said:

Oh how I wish the Bills were in the AFC North...those would be true rivalries...😂🤣👍




I agree Baltimore is not like other AFC North teams and it is on the East Coast.

Bills should swap divisions with Baltimore.

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