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Hear me out: We could very well win out

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Here’s the full rankings of the NFL’s remaining strength of schedule based on opponent records:

1. Falcons (.677)
2. Jaguars (.661)
3. Broncos (.600)
4. Jets (.471)


13. Bills (.509)


20. Dolphins (.477)


26. Patriots (.453)


just putting it out there 

21. Steelers (.477)

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I’ve been looking at the schedule remaining, and there isn’t a game ahead we can’t win.  Does it mean we for sure win them all, of course not, but I don’t think it’s as crazy as some think to believe

Hear, hear!

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It's very hard to win 6 in a row.  There is so much fortune involved, even when playing teams perceived as "weaker".  


So many games come down to a missed fg, late turnover, controversial officiating, weather, etc.  Also add in the possibility of losing a position group to covid any given week


This is a big reason I refused to dock the Bill's credit for running the table with "easy" games last season.  

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24 minutes ago, Greg S said:

It would be nice but I think they go 4-2 the rest of the way. Lose to Pitt, split the NE/SF games, win the rest.

I don’t know why but I’m more worried about Patriots game then the dolphins 

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I can't "Here" you out, but I might be able to "Hear" you out....

53 minutes ago, Over 29 years of fanhood said:

Steelers are a tough match up for bills.

Their defense might be the best and most complete D the bills have seen all year and their offense is balanced too. 


Their offense is prone to long stretches of ineffectiveness and entire bad games where they don't even get to 300 yards...


They also can be explosive at times too...kind of a weird dichotomy they have on O...usually they just do enough to squeak by tho.

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1 hour ago, Alphadawg7 said:

I’ve been looking at the schedule remaining, and there isn’t a game ahead we can’t win.  Does it mean we for sure win them all, of course not, but I don’t think it’s as crazy as some think to believe we go 5-1 or 6-0 down the stretch.  

Chargers:  Young promising QB makes them exciting or dangerous every week.  But they aren’t there yet and this should be a win as we are a better overall team and Allen should excel against that Chargers defense.  Fresh off a bye and healthy, I feel confident this will be a win.


29ers:  The team formerly known as the 49ers are basically half a team these days.  They are not gonna just roll over, but another game we are the better roster and clear favorite and feel confident in a win.


Steelers:  May be the least intimidating undefeated team this late in the season I’ve seen in a while.  They are a very good team, don’t get me wrong, and by far the toughest team remaining on our schedule.  But these guys are not always dominating and have shown to be vulnerable many weeks this year, even against lesser competition.  The defense isn’t as stout or feared as people believed coming into the season.  This will definitely be a major test for us, and I bet the Steelers will be the favorite, but I do like our chances to win this game.


Broncos:  I mean we are just the better team, that simple.  We should win this game.


Pats and Dolphins:  Divisional

foes are always tough no matter what the state of the teams are.  Add in both teams have been playing good football as of late, and it’s not easy to just pencil wins here.  But, I think we are still the better team over both and matchup well against both.  A lot is being made about Dolphins lately, but I still think they were more dangerous with Fitz than Tua.  Tua is the future and doing fine as the starter, but he isn’t there yet and I think we do better than most against mobile QBs.  So Tua is going to have to beat us with his arm and with the way Allen feasts on the Dolphins every game, I don’t think Tua can keep up with us in scoring.  

Im not predicting we win out, but for as much that has been made of our remaining schedule (especially compared to Dolphins), I’m not that uncomfortable with it and think we will still win at least 11 games, and 12 or 13 wins is still plausible despite some of the sky is falling thoughts around here.

Get outta hear!

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2 minutes ago, Richard Noggin said:


So...in that order?

I know Pittsburgh is the toughest game on the remaining schedule and most people want to circle this as a loss  but l think we win this game . 
Like I said the only game I’m worried about is the road game against pats****** and I don’t know if it’s more of a mental thing ( for me ) or maybe because of what they’ve done us for the last 20 years , and maybe because even the last game was a nail biter ? I don’t know what it is but that’s the ONLY game that scares me 


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