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Top 15 Most-Heartbreaking Bills Moments

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I think this one might fade pretty quick depending on how the rest of the season goes.

This is exactly what we all need right now 

Good perspective here.  Lately the Bills have done this a lot more to other teams, than they've had it done to them.    From a playoff seeding standpoint, this is a loss outside the AFCE and the AFC s

I have called in sick today because of drinking my anger away. I have some dry wall work to do and then I will start drinking again. This will probably be a 3 day'er. 

Arizona only has 2 timeouts with like 40 sec on the clock and our defense just crumbles, *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why wasn't Tre White shadowing Hopkins all game long, he was dropping him off and playing zone like 50% of the time. If your a top 5 CB you are supposed to be covering and shutting down the top 20 WR's most of the time. This is the 2nd time Hopkins has beat Tre to win a game. I'm sending Tre a Tee shirt that says "I've been Nuked twice" and on the back there will be a mushroom cloud with the saying "I have a 10 inch vert". 

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I go to one home game a year, and usually it is early in the season.  All 3 of these losses were on the last play of the game...


2002 loss to Jets.  Chad Morton in OT returns a kick for a TD(his second kickoff return for a TD in the game)


2004 loss to Jags.  Short TD pass from Leftwich to Ernest Wilford. 

2007 loss to Broncos.  Elam FG. 




I won’t even address heartbreak of the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. 

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We'll see this play on highlight reels for 15 years, but I'm already forgetting about it. A non-conference loss, in a season where we're in 1rst place in the division with no realistic shot at the 1-2 seed, really means about as little as a loss can, no matter how it happens. This loss should really have no negative bearing on the rest of our season, and may even be helpful if it prevents it from happening again when more is on the line.

Not even close top Top 15 for me.

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16 hours ago, matter2003 said:


I mean can you really be heartbroken cause you lost a game that would have made you 6-10 instead of 5-11 that year?


Back in 2009 with the MNF loss to NE or the 2010 Steelers Stevie drop neither loss meant much standings wise, but when your team is crap you are looking for any semblance of hope. Either of those games turned into a W means some hope or legitimacy nationally, but the way they blew those games made the Bills bigger punching bags then had they just lost in a boring fashion. No fan wants to feel like your their to take the punches and its a 1000% times worse when its in spectacular fashion. So I get the mindset of realistically who cares standings wise, but the flipside is life as a fan and it can really suck when the chips are down. 

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One game that wasn't mentioned in the original post was the Sunday night game in 2005 vs the Patriots. I'm sire not many remember this game as it was a forgettable season, but if memory serves me right, we were winning by a good margin and gave up like 14 points in a minute and a half, or something like that.


Edit: I found the highlights 🙄



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