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I'm thinking of a person

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10 minutes ago, Greybeard said:


    Over the course of his career, he has been in movies with Donna Reed and Debbie Reynolds, amongst others.  Seems your at an age disadvantage here.


Mickey Rooney.  


Alright, I’m thinking of a person....from Greenland, female, alive but on life support.

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Is it Serena Williams?

Excuse me for not answering this, somehow I missed it.  Also I just figured out that if you reply to the person a little notice pops up to the person you replied to so that is the best way to answer. 

Yes.   The only city that matters.   Good call.  You're up.

   He has also been in movies with Shirley Maclain, Sofia Loren, Dyan Cannon, Jane Fonda and Natalie Wood.


 Here is another odd clue, in one movie, it can be said, one of the main characters was a tree. And to my knowledge, none of the above mentioned women was in that movie.

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