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Postgame Thread Bills vs. Patriots


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Just now, billsbackto81 said:

We're not going anywhere with this Defense. It started in Houston last year and hasn't improved since. They can't stop anyone! Did you see the team NE threw out there today? Possibly even worse than the Jets last week. 

That’s where I’m at, it takes some intrigue away from this season imo. We are a first round playoff exit team right now. It would take miraculous progress to become anything more. It’s awesome that we’re no longer staying home from the playoffs, but it’s also disappointing not to feel like we’ll go farther this season than last. 

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6 minutes ago, loveorhatembillsfan4life said:

Not a happy win. 

I just literally fist pumped and said “***** yes!” You know who I said that to? Myself.  I’m watching alone. 

I, for one, am very happy. 

Should Leslie be fired? Probably. 
Could my 15 year old dog tackle better than our LBs? Certainly. 
Was EVERYONE expecting us to be down 4 with 3 seconds left? Most likely. 

We beat the Pats and we’re 6-2 with a questionable defense. If you’re not happy, I have a good shrink. 


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I dont care how you win, just win the game. The Bills did that today against a divisional opponent. Those games are always tough. The Chiefs won a 3 point game against the LAC, lost to the LV Raiders, and best the Broncos. These games are not easy due to the familiarity.  Gotta get the big boy pants on again next week vs a good offensive Seattle team.

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1 minute ago, Penfield45 said:

Tua looked better than Allen today 


I’d say Miami is right there in fighting for the division 

Yeah he had 38 yards total passing through the first 3 quarters LoL try watching the games.


50mph winds in buffalo 

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