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Is Star good or bad?


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Him and I would say, Lawson and Jordan Phillips all contribute to a lesser run D.  Star held the line of scrimmage most of the time.  Lawson and Phillips would penetrate and make a play.  I dont see anyone stepping up and making a play vs the run.  I get that vs Kc they assumed Reid wouldnt stick to the run.  Most of his career he couldnt.  6 man box is not going to handle a run game.  Kc was waiting for Buffalo to get aggressive and it never came.  Overall they held KC under 30 and that had to be a goal.

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1 hour ago, Royale with Cheese said:


Holy smokes!  And there's been probably 50,000 NFL contracts written and this poster was able to rank them and had Star #1.  That's an impressive feat.

and he argued that point too.  this poster has some great points, but for some reason refuses to be wrong, and will argue anything to be correct on the internet.

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1 hour ago, DabillsDaBillsDaBills said:


So Star played every first down, and every first down was a positive defensive play, leading to easier 2nd/3rd downs and being able to sub Star out?


Wow, didn't realize he was even better than Aaron Donald



Actually if he played every 1st and 2nd down that would be 50%  


So depending on down and distance - meaning running situations yes he would be in there and playing a little more than half of the snaps.

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46 minutes ago, Royale with Cheese said:


If you're willing to go to extremes for an argument, then there's no point.  





There's no evidence to suggest Star is important to this defense. In fact, all quantifiable evidence points towards Star not having much of an impact.  I understand that being double teamed is a positive that won't show up on a stat sheet. But this guy has very few tackles, tackles for loss, sacks, QB pressures, and only played 46% of snaps last year. Getting double teamed on occasion doesn't suddenly make Star the pivotal part of this defense. 


So why did our defense get so much worse from 2019 to 2020 if Star wasn't a pivotal player? 


There's a lot of factors that go into it. In no particular order:


J Philips leaves in free agency

Shaq Lawson leaves in free agency

Jerry Hughes is a year older

Star opts out 

Offensive holding penalties are not being called to the same standard

Strength of schedule 


Is Star a good player? That's debatable, but I don't think so. "Good" to me means better than average, and I think he's the definition of average. 

Is Star overpaid? That's an easy Yes

Did Star opting out hurt the team? Yes. Even though I think Star is a JAG that could have been easily replaced, we didn't even try to find a replacement. 


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Star was a traffic cone when he was 29........a man who only occupied one blocker and couldn't disengage to make a tackle........a net win for the opposing offense........easily the worst $ investment of the Beane era.


A year older he wasn't going to be any better.  


In fact he most likely would have been inactive last night.


Tuesday night they held the Titans RB's to 97 yards on 30 carries.......3.2 yards per carry is excellent run defense........a full yard below league average.


So if they wanted to be stout against the run last night they would have just played Harrison Phillips............what they wanted were plays in the backfield.......hence Zimmer........tfl's and pressures to assist their coverage game plan.


They got a few of those but ultimately the rope-a-dope didn't work due to lack of execution on third downs.......in coverage.


Some of you are so slow on the uptake it's laughable...........people literally needed McDermott to go to his presser and tell them that the strategy was not to give up 40 points before they realized why the Chiefs were gashing the Bills for 8 yards per carry.



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