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The LB Situation Moving Forward

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With Edmunds, I am not even sure he can play Outside Linebacker in this defense.   He isn't agile enough to do what Milano is asked to do.  So that leaves him at the other outside linebacker spot which is essentially non existent.   At this point they need to see what he offers as a pass rusher because he really cant do anything else.

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1 hour ago, H2o said:

This is year 3 of Tremaine Edmunds at MLB and he simply isn't getting it done. I have no doubt that he is trying to play through his shoulder injury, but it is the mental mistakes that are still on display. Last year he looked like he was making some progress, but this year he looks like a rookie all over again. Losing his gap integrity and getting caught up in the wash. Not processing what he sees on the field fast enough to where he simply reacts to make a play. Missing tackles(could be due to the shoulder). Ineffective when blitzing because he doesn't look for a gap to shoot through, he simply runs into blockers. In coverage a lot of times I have noticed that when a pass has been completed underneath he has had his back to the receiver who caught the ball. Maybe he needs to be switched to SLB so he can roam like Thomas Davis did in Carolina? I don't know, but at this point I can't see us picking up his 5th year option. Then you have Milano who is good when on the field, but he always seems to get dinged up. Do we pay the man or do we let him walk in FA? It's a tough situation for this McD and FO to decide. Personally, I'm hoping Milano gives us some resemblance of a hometown discount and we can get him re-signed for 3 more years at least. I hope they move Edmunds to the outside and shift their draft focus to a legit MLB in 2021. Then we have the depth situation that needs to be addressed. Klein is obviously the weakest link in the unit and is a liability most of the time he's on the field. Dodson is ok, but can't stay on the field either it seems. We may end up needing 3 starting LB's out of the next offseason. It's a scary thought considering the deficiencies we have elsewhere on defense as well. 


1 hour ago, ClemsonBills said:

Edmunds is either out of position, or being asked to think to much. He has all the size and athleticism you want, but isn't making fundamental plays. Why?


Maybe it is the injury, that he knows he can't just play normal, he has to make guesses as to what is going to happen in front of him to be in poistion to make the play with one shoulder.  Then when guesses wrong, he's becomes useless.  Add on top of that with only two years experience, he can't rely on guessing  that much, needs to use his athleticism, but can't.


I'm wondering it's one of these injures that won't get worse by playing, but also won't get better without surgery and surgery would be season ending so will just try and play through it.  If they thought a week or two of rest would help, likely they would, but may be the type of injury that rest won't help?

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