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MNF: Chiefs at Ravens, 8:20 on ESPN

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1 minute ago, Runningaces said:

No new england will keep the game close, might even pull one out.  Either way they will catch up beating buffalo 2x. The names on uniform are irrelevant. It all has to do with the coach. I know belichick not himself this past week and admitted as much do to the death of his.mom.and his.girlfriends father. 

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Josh Allen is the best QB of the class of 2018

I just lost my fantasy matchup because of the Jackson kneel down. We were tied. Tiebreaker was bench points, which I had. Minus .1 on the kneel and I lost 148.8 to 148.9   i am broken 

Mahomes jogs/walks like a princess.

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6 minutes ago, balln said:

mahommes is starting to run a lot more. absolute killer on the D


He's very selective about it.  Runs out of bound or slides, doesn't take the hits, doesn't stiff arm guys.  But yeah, and he's got wheels too


2 minutes ago, RiotAct said:

In this house, science is real.


I understand your point.  But Gentlemen, Hush!

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