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McMahon buying XFL from bankruptcy, plans to restart

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24 minutes ago, Justin C said:


Comparing TV ratings to something over 20 years ago makes zero sense given the change in the TV landscape.


They were not approaching 0. They stabled out to where, as others have said, were doing better than the NHL and college basketball at the same time.



Good thing I didn't do that then.


This was the inaugural season of this incarnation of this XFL, and their ratings declined steadily until they were half of what they started with after just over a month.


Also, the drop from week 3 to 4 alone  was 17% and 4 to 5 was another 19%.  That's not what most observers in that industry would call "stabled out".  "Falling like a stone", more like it.


You are overlooking the obvious problem with your comparison  other products  like the NHL and college basketball:  they offer a massive slate of games for the networks that pay for the rights to broadcast (plus tournaments, playoffs, etc) that provide them with MONTHS of content to televise.  XFL has 4 games a week over 10 weeks.  That's not worth nearly a fraction of what NCAA and NHL are to the networks.  March Madness would have absolutely buried the XFL for good.


Too little product being watched by too few households to be worth enough to networks to offer what would keep this league alive for long.


Pretty simple.

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