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Marquise Goodwins 4th anniversary photo with his wife

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21 hours ago, Augie said:


I was told there would be no math and NO HOMEWORK!  


21 hours ago, Jauronimo said:

If a linea nigra leaves the naval heading north at 9 AM tuesday traveling 3 inches per week and another linea nigra leaves the chin at the same time heading south and traveling 2 inches per week, how long until they meet?



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On 2/12/2020 at 10:18 PM, Shaw66 said:

I was sitting at Hartford Whalers game one time and noticed, couldn't help but notice, that I was surrounded by 10 or 12 stunning young women, mostly blonde, all dressed in flashy clothes.   It dawned on me that I sitting with the players wives and girlfriends.   


That's when it first occurred to me how natural it is for big time male athletes to have hot women.   Both, for somewhat different reasons, are unusually focused on their bodies.   They focus much more on their bodies than ordinary human beings do.   It makes sense that people who are particularly focused on their bodies would come together as couples. 


And if they're unusually focused on their bodies, they look in mirrors a lot, and they take pictures of themselves.   There's nothing more interesting to them than their bodies.    So for them, it's natural to post those pictures - they love to look at them, so why wouldn't their friends?   And, of course, it works for their friends, too.  Who are their friends?  Athletes and hot women.   Collectively, they're a group of people interested in bodies.  





Contrarily, I don't have that problem as I am neither an athlete nor hot and my body has been out of focus for decades.

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