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Patriots Patrick Chung beats the rap

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18 hours ago, apuszczalowski said:

What about cocaine puddin'?

Happens all the time, just like someone borrowing your jacket and leaving a crack pipe in it, or taking your car and leaving their large bag of weed in the backseat. Just ask any officer and they will tell you how common it is.....

My GF is an RN and as straight as they come. She took her car to the car wash and the next day I was taking groceries out of the backseat. There was a very small, plastic bag of weed on the floor.

I would not believe this story once in 1,000 times but I know her for 10 years. I could pick out the guy who probably dropped it too, he was a very sketchy dude. He was fired a few weeks later for other reasons. That said, if she was stopped by police officers and they spotted the weed, I would totally not blame them if they didn't believe her.

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