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Bills at Texans Playoff Game, Saturday 4:35 pm


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20 minutes ago, EmotionallyUnstable said:

there is one large one in the main bar area, but I’m not too sure about the other floors or areas. 

Soho or Bada Bing, both on Chippewa, aren’t too far and both offer dining/drinks and plenty of viewing space. My party of 8 ate/drank for 4 hours at Soho for Bills v Pats two weeks ago and it worked out great. 

Cool TY for the info i will check on that place

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1 hour ago, AKC said:


Had a year in Houston back in the Oiler days.  While the Astrodome was a piss-poor sports theater they had competitive teams and all the fame rituals that we associate with regional stars applied. No one bigger than Earl Campbell who kept asking me to play racquetball with him- I had never played it in my life and his thighs were bigger around than my chest so I figured that was a bad call. Tough bringing in another franchise when you had a loved one preceding it. I had some great times with Earl and his FB Tim Wilson. We finish the Texans season tomorrow, not the Oilers!


Luv Ya Blue.  ?Houston?Oilers.


They had  pretty good run with Bum and Earl and Dan Pastorini.  Fun team to watch.


I lived in Dallas and was a Cowboy fan, but they were fun.


Love this:



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3 hours ago, Golden*Wheels said:

Maaaaan...I feel like it is like Christmas Eve tonight.


Come on Bills!


Yeah, I doubt that I'll be getting much sleep tonight. 


Watched "Playoff Caliber" tonight, for the umpteenth time.....every time I watch it, without fail, I get choked up.  It's such a well done video.


So many awesome moments:


1. The reaction of Tre, Poyer and Hyde when KW scored, and KW then getting mobbed on the sideline

2. KW's pre-game speeches

3. The fan reactions to the end of the Cincinnati/Baltimore game - I'm sure so many of us had similar reactions

4. The locker room reaction - seeing KW have that moment with his boys was incredible

5. Prior Aviation reactions

6. McDermott - dude just GETS IT.  He's a true leader of men,


It's clear to me that the bond between the Bills, WNY and Bills fans is truly unique.  Like KW said "WE LIVE IN THE HIGH WATER".





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13 minutes ago, wppete said:

they are both goofy 


Agreed. But, I’m probably in the minority around these parts and actually enjoy Cris Collinsworth. I don’t know if it’s his affiliation with PFF or some sort of perceived bias, but people give him a hard time around here. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed his insights. Even back to his Inside the NFL days on HBO. Used to love catching that show in the 90s after a Bills win. 

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7 hours ago, Heitz said:

NFLN just said that Fuller is a "long shot", after today's practice.  ?

It doesn’t matter because when the Texans play well it’s actually when they throw to the TE and when they let Watson play RPO like they are the Ravens offense. Let’s see if OBrien is smart enough to see what helped him win against KC. I hope he isn’t. 

10 hours ago, Negan said:

Anyone know what uniforms Bills are wearing tomorrow?

Blue pants, white jerseys and each hand each carrying a can of whoop ass...

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8 hours ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


That was a good interview. So his advice for Josh comes down to:

- Keep protecting the football

- Dont throw every ball hard else it makes it tough for the receivers to adjust 

- Hit on a couple of the deep passes


Lets go Bills ! Unfortunately BBFS is strong with me today 

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