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M Gordon or D Singletary Week 7

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Who should i flex this week pals?


QB  Josh Alen.

RB1 Elliott

RB2 Cook

WR 1 T Hill

WR2 S Diggs

WR3 D Westbrook

Flex ??

D = NE

K - Fairbairn.


On my bench Singletary, and Gordon and Montogmery.

Also have OBJ, CGodwin and JGordon, but all on BYE this week.


I started M Gordon last week and he was not great. I am leaning towards Singletary due to the fact i love the bills and they are playing the fish.


What would you do ?


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Chargers play the Titans, right? That's a solid defense. I would go with Singletary. He may see limited touches like he was getting pre-injury, but against Miami I think his chances of breaking a big play are as good as they can be. 

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This is not the week to hesitate on your Bills! Singletary had limited touches weeks 1 and 2 but still produced well with them. He has a solid floor and his ceiling against the Dolphins is as high as it'll ever be. 

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