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Ethan in Portland

Your Top 5 games

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2 hours ago, chaccof said:

You want old?  How about:


5.  Frogger

4.  Tetris

3.  Ms. Pac-Man

2.  Pac-Man

1.  Pong....


Thrilling sports, there! 


It led to Galaga not long after. When first married, a big Friday night out was Ruby Tuesdays with a shared Sampler Platter. I’d have a couple beers, she’d have a strawberry daiquiri, and we’d play Galaga. We were as happy as ever when that was our big night out as newlyweds. Happy and simple  times. 





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Bard's Tale

Planescape: Torment

Axis and Allies

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Posted (edited)
On 6/15/2019 at 9:03 PM, Augie said:

Bills vs Raiders. Monday night. Ahmad Rashad. 





...LOL...remember it well.....we had two busloads of drunks....two guys who were best friends, with one being a diehard Bills fan and the other a Raiders fan, beat the crap outta each other with the Bills "W"......The Raiders dude refused to ride the bus home and hitchhiked back to Roch-Cha-Cha......even had divas back in 1974 youngins'....:thumbsup:...."The Comeback" and Raiduhs 51-3 thumping were gratifying.....Fins Ricky with 220+ in the snow but Bflo prevailing 37-24 so noted....

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