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The Worst Bills Draft Picks of the 2010’s

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4 hours ago, BillyWhiteShows said:


In terms of talent he wasn’t the worst pick by any means.  Many had him ranked in the Top 5 if not higher.  


The problem is the price that Whaley paid for him and the circumstances are it.   The trade for Sammy was widely panned and even laughed at by most draft observers and journalists because its widely known that you don’t give that type of return for WR.  Especially when you don’t have a QB.  


It was clear that this move was about making a splash for a new owner.  It wasn’t a “risky” move, it was a reckless move and a big part of the reason why Doug Whaley is now small potatoes in the XFL


I can't disagree. It certainly seemed like Whaley wanted to make a big impression. And I understand his reasoning was trying to do as much as he could to help Manuel but it was a lot to give up. Even if he had worked out here I wonder if people would still be salty about what he traded away. 

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9 hours ago, Gordio said:



We got a winner.  Well said sir.  Always thought it was ironic the Bills Brass stated they stayed away from Gronk because of injuries to his back & Troupe's career was troubled with back problems.


Wilson was staring the Bills right in the face & they refused to pull the trigger.  Prior to the draft I stated on this board Wilson's intangibles were off the chart, that his teammates at Wisky loved him & voted him team Captain after just 1 summer of being around this guy.  The Bills blew that one big time.

Yeah, I was on the BBMB at the time getting balked at for claiming we should draft Wilson in the 1st. IIRC, they traded up in the 3rd and I thought for sure they were drafting Wilson. We would have never drafted EJ the next year too. I blame Chan’s mancrush on Fitzpatrick.

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Glass Sammy is the worst.  Multiple picks for a mentally and physically fragile player in a loaded WR draft.  Ugh


Other inexplicable moves:

EJ -- he was never going to be a good NFL QB.  The FSU guys here called it from day 1.

TJ Graham -- trading up for him no less;  laughably bad

Cardale Jones --  Throwing away a 4th round pick.....just because?   Most puzzling pick


Dareus didn't work out but everyone thought he was the right pick so hard to put him higher on the list.


Whaley was ***** horrible.   The day he was shown the door was by far the greatest moment of the decade.

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