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Fan Advisory Board--Suggestions?

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On 6/11/2018 at 9:47 PM, BadLandsMeanie said:

Not profound but: In the lower bowl the seats are held together with bolts that are too long. They stick out at knee level and I jab my knee with this if I am not careful. Whoever did that job used bolts that were plainly too long.


Also some kind of resolution between standers and sitters. I am sitting in a $350 seat down in front and a couple kids drink and 20 want to stand the whole game. Refuse any requests to please sit down. Im not 20 😕


Im my day we had batteries we could throw to settle the matter but nowadays they take away all the good projectiles at the gates.


This two jerks got kicked out at halftime but everyone behind them had to put up with that for the whole first half.


They should just nail it down if you can or can't stand all game and where. That way I would know to buy a seat or not and where is all Im saying.


 Aggravating to say the least. 

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