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The NFL Needs A Parental Advisory For The Music They Use

Is a Parental Advisory a reasonable Idea?  

93 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick The appropriate answer in the category based on If you are a Parent or not. Yes or No to Parental Advisory

    • I am a Parent - Yes to a Parental advisory
    • I am a Parent - No to a Parental advisory
    • Yes to a Parental advisory
    • No to a Parental advisory

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1 hour ago, john wawrow said:


ummm, because he's exceptionally good, and been so from his days with the SteelDrivers?


Take one listen to "Either Way" or "Where Rainbows Never Die," and that's all it took me to get hooked.



I just listened. These seemed like good songs to me. Evocative of emotion. Im not tuned in to country so this was a nice addition to my knowledge. Thanks.

16 hours ago, john wawrow said:


if you don’t like it. don’t go.




You seem both interested and knowledgeable about this topic. And it seems like a good bunch of the readers here are interested. 

Maybe you could write a piece about it. Might interest your following in this between season lull?


Oh, don't worry I won't cry foul if you skewer me or the idea or whichever way you wanted to approach it. You could be scathing and I wouldn't make a peep about it. I would be A-OK with it . 


What do you think?

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