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How much money have you spent on Bills in the last decade?


How much money have you spent on Bills in the last decade?  

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  1. 1. How much money have you spent on Bills in the last decade?

    • $0
    • $0-1000
    • $1000-5000
    • $5000-10,000
    • $10,000-20,000
    • $20,000-50,000
    • $50,000-100,000
    • $100,000-500,000
    • $500,000-1,000,000
    • Over $1,000,000

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I'm actually quite surprised at the disparity. A game a year for 10 years or Sunday Ticket would have you in the $1k-$5k tier. If you've had season tickets you are over $5k and if you travel with season tickets you are north of $10k or $20k depending on where you are coming from.


I'm having a harder time wrapping my head around the < $1,000 than I am over $1M. I am out of town so I have to go to a Bills bar for most games and it probably costs me $40 to $50 a week. I'm probably there for 12 games (try to make 4 a year). The bar alone over a decade would have me in the $5K plus tier. If you factor in parties or whatever I just don't know how people have an average spend of $6.25 or less a game?

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I go to a few games a year, so not too much on tickets. And I stick with my Kelly jersey, so no extra money there.


Biggest expense for me was going to Canton to see Reed get in. Between gas, hotel, HOF tickets, HOF game, and food. That was easily $700. I then doubled that in a little place by the hotel. I believe it's called Christie's Cabaret. Good times. 😊

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$50? Zero? Would you be fans if it wasn't virtually free? No judgement, just curious, I promise.


First, as a taxpayer (like ALL of us) I automatically have a "stake" in this team... In previous years I attended 2X games per year... And I do have Bills "merchandise" bought in previous years... I attended games at the "Old Rockpile" - Did You? I'm not being judgmental here either... Promise...

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If you include everything I'm in the 5-10 range probably in the middle. Lots of jerseys, merchandise, only have a cable subscription to watch the games I don't go to in glorious 1080. Don't regret any of it though, have had great times, many great memories, my wife loves the Bills and my son is diehard as well. Some great family times and trips and now that my son is a bit older and starting to make his own life this is our everlasting connector (and other things but it is a strong one for sure). Matter of fact just went out with him last night to watch the championship games and we have set where we are going for the Super Bowl. Thinking about getting season tickets for 2018 when he's settled in his new job and hopefully my back is recovered. It will be great times when the Bills are in these playoff games again! I can tell you this, we will be at that playoff game when we make it no matter what the cost and I'm far far from wealthy. 10 years of fun, entertainment and experiences is well worth the $$$ in my opinion.

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I've probably spent around $3000 on tickets from Stubhub in that time.


How much money have you spent on Bills tickets/season tickets/travel expenses/merchandise/parking/concessions since 2007?

I'd say 20-50k, season ticket holder since 1996 (6 tickets for myself and family) and with travel expenses from NYC and now Massachusetts.... ugh.

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Less and less each year they miss the playoffs. I went to 3-4 games all my life starting with one game at the Rockpile and opening day at Rich. I became really critical in the last 5 or so years of the Wilson ownership era (Ralph WAS cheap). I stopped going to games and even stopped listening and reading about the games but watched them all. The only thing extra-curricular I did was come to TBD. #gobills.


After the Pegula's bought the team, I was all in until they hired Rex. My displeasure could not have been greater. How many years had I waited to assure they were staying in B-lo only to get a coach that made Jauron look good? So sitting and waiting has sucked. It got so bad that I would DVR the games, start watching the DVR'd games at about 2:45 for a 1 oclock game. FFing the dead space meant I'd get to the two minute warning live and have results in the same time as before, but not waste my day.


The worst part is my two teenage boys could care less about football. One winning season in their lifetime and maybe they would be on board. Their friends are Steeler, Patriot, Dolphin fans are Bills fans in hiding. I feel like a failure as a Dad.


Finally I'm stoked at the new coaching moves. #gobills

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