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Found 4 results

  1. Game of Throws A new and different chapter begins for 5 teams starting now! It should be fun! New rivalries began this weekend with the selection of 5, count them 5, Quarterbacks in round one of the 2018 draft. It would have started anyway but Josh Rosen's pledge to spend the next decade or making 9 teams know they made a mistake when they passed him by, lit a fire under it on day one. What we have now is 5 teams, 5 Gms, and 5 Qbs all pitted against each other for the next 10 years. This should be fun. And it is also good for us and for every one of those teams because all 5 of those guys will have as much fuel to do their best every single day of every single year. Who will be King of the Hill of the 2018 Five? If that alone isn't enough to motivate a young man nothing will. Wentz and Goff have only each other and it is a much lower profile draft class. This is different. This draft was the most hyped and craziest that anyone can remember. I am most looking forward to the reborn Jets vs Bills rivalry. The Jets jumped the Bills and got their pick ahead of us. Did Jets GM MacCagnan bamboozle Beane? Did Beane outsmart and out-cute himself by selecting Josh Allen the most controversial ratings wise QB in the Top 5? People either loved or hated Allen. And when their time comes Allen and Darnold will face each other twice a year, every year of their careers. Fun stuff! Across the lake we have Baker. Will he be Bake the Mistake? Or Baker the Difference Maker? Is Dorsey the “less intelligent” old school GM he has been called? My opinion is he made the absolute correct choice, if it matters. Mayfield is the one QB who would cry tears of joy instead of despair going to Cleveland. If you want somebody to change things, to rally the troops, to come in and begin the winning, Baker Mayfield is the guy for that job. I would give up the 2 inches of height for that. (Plus his eyes are set a bit higher in his head) Rosen in Arosenzona is the most advanced QB of his class in terms of technique and passing ability. But he has had the concussions, and he has issues. He seems an angry young man. He spent the last 6 months being called a hot tub having, spoiled, opinionated rich kid who will be a quitter. And told all the extra work you did, that the others didn't, to learn and polish and hone your technique means, you are already at your ceiling and that's bad. (Instead of , you worked harder). And also by the way, everybody hates you, even your friends. I'm not sure why he seemed so grumpy at the draft. But any way you slice it he will be a factor and he has a legit shot to work out to be King. Last we have Lamar Jackson. Picked last in the first by Ozzie Newsome in his last draft as Ravens GM. Will Jackson be a mistaken gamble by a GM with his eyes on retirement? Or the crowning touch on a Hall of Fame Career for Ozzie Newsome? Is Lamar the next generation of Quarterback? Or another failed experiment? Shall the last be first? Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, and Lamar Jackson the Class of 2019 will battle it out for the next 10 or 15 years. This will be fun. And the Buffalo Bills and their fans will be front and center. And that last, and the fans part, is the difference this time around. We fans never had a voice before. There was no internet in 1983. We fans will be included in a new way in the cross city rivalry around these 5 teams. I am looking forward to this. It will be fun and we deserve it.
  2. Feel free to criticize anything I'm about to type here, but I implore you to read the entire post first because I simply don't understand why more Bills fans refuse to jump on the Lamar Jackson train. He threw for more one more touchdown than Rosen and Darnold in a much tougher conference on a less talented team. (this is coming from a Louisville fan so please, call me biased, I'll be the first to admit it) He ran for 50 touchdowns in his career. He threw for 27 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in his last year while rushing for 18 touchdowns. This is following a year in which he won the Heisman trophy and every coach is keying in on stopping him more than any other single player. He had the same amount of interceptions as Rosen last year, yet Rosen is consistently crowned by "experts" as the most polished, accurate, NFL ready QB in the draft, while Jackson is considered the most innacurate QB in the draft...WHAT?? Experts praise Allen for his arm strength and how much zip he can put on the ball, he's also praised for his big frame. Meanwhile Jackson is only 2 inches shorter than Allen...oh and here's a video of Lamar throwing a football 95 yards in high school: If that video is too low quality for you I understand. Here's a video of Jackson nearly breaking dude's fingers in 2014: The receivers' reactions say it all. Lamar Jackson had the highest receiver drop rate in the country last year. Why is this? Because he has an absolute ROCKET of an arm. One of the main criticisms of Jackson is his poor completion percentage. Here are the completion stats for each of the top QB prospects last year per sports-reference.com. Darnold: 64.9% Mayfield: 70.5% Rosen: 62.6% Allen: 56.2% Jackson: 57% With the highest receiver drop rate in the country He's consistently had a laxkluster offensive line during his tenure while going up against some of the best defensive lines in the country in the ACC. His running back was a quarterback converted to receiver (with the emergence of Jackson) converted again to running back in Jackson's final year. With this being said Jackson's statistics are absolutely unprecedented. Michael Vick has gone on record several times saying Jackson is better than he was at that age, which for whatever reason seems to mean nothing to anybody. 2001 Michael Vick: 6'0 210lbs 2018 Lamar Jackson: 6'3 200lbs Experts also question his football IQ...take away your bias if who he is as a man, if you don't think Bobby Petrino runs one of the more complicated offensive systems in football then I have to question whether you actually watch both college and professional football or if you just allow yourself to be spoon-fed whatever NFL Network and ESPN tells you. During Jackson's freshman year when he came in and dominated Bobby Petrino went on record as saying Jackson didn't even know the majority of the plays yet when he got his first start. The next year he had one of the best statistical season in history and won the Heisman trophy over Deshaun Watson who probably would have won it almost any other year with his 2016-17 stats and is currently looking like the best QB from last years draft. Football IQ can be taught, talent cannot. I'm not going to sully this post by trying to make the case for Jackson being the victim of some systemic racial QB bias, but the case these so-called experts make for the rest of the quarterbacks in this draft being a better prospect than Jackson just do not make any sense to me. The only quarterback I think who may be a better prospect than Jackson is Mayfield. There are holes all over this roster despite our lucking into the playoffs last year on a miracle throw/upset. Trading up into the top 5 to take a Rosen or Allen would be a huge mistake IMO when we can draft Jackson at either 12 or 22 and use our other 5 picks in the top 3 rounds to take franchise players who will KEEP us in the playoffs. Thanks for reading. Feel free to make a counter argument, but I'm going to finish this post with his highlights from last year and I just want you to imagine a backfield with Lamar Jackson and Shady McCoy and tell me that wouldn't be a fun time to be a Bills fan.
  3. 4-24: Trent Dilfer Talks NFL Draft QBs on WGR (11:17) Excellent interview with Dilfer with good conversation regarding Darnold and Rosen in particular.
  4. Josh Rosen retweeted....... Please Mr. Beane, get this guy. Wish I would have watched this game live. Afraid the dropping news about this guy is a smokescreen. Can't believe teams are going to pass on a QB of this caliber.