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Found 1 result

  1. I am neither agreeing or disagreeing with his conclusions, but these are some excerpts of what Marcus Hayes of the Philadelphia Inquirer reported today: http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/eagles/lesean-mccoy-buffalo-bills-allegations-philadelphia-eagles-marcus-hayes-20180711.html "[Shady] took that opportunity to remind me of something I’d written after his rookie season, in which I’d characterized him as something other than the world’s greatest young running back. As a rookie, McCoy, a second-round pick, shared the starting role with two other running backs. My characterization was accurate at the time, but I congratulated him on the progress he’d made in the year since. He replied with a loud string of expletives. He impugned my professionalism, my acumen, and my intelligence … and then he stuck his finger in my face and told me he should kick my “[bleeping] ass.” [...] About a year later, in the locker room while I was waiting to interview another player, McCoy called me over to his locker. Asante Samuel, his good friend, stood next to him. There, McCoy began to deride me again for a subsequent story. I told him I had no interest in having that conversation in that space. At that point, Samuel grabbed me by the arm to hold me in place. [...] But these incidents, combined with others in McCoy’s past, paint the picture of, at the very least, a man who struggles to resolve conflict with civility. He has been connected with a nightclub brawl, kicking a female guest off a party bus on the New Jersey Turnpike and, frivolously, tipping badly."