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Found 2 results

  1. Two impact signings today with implications on us - Hyde to the Browns and Solder to Giants. Looks like the Browns are locked in at #1 with QB. With the Giants signing Solder and their win-now mentality they can easily move from #2 to #5 and get the impact player they want. There's a really good chance Nelson and/or Barkley will fall to #5 especially if Chubb goes to Indy at #3. If the Bills can't jump to #2 now they can work their way there through Denver at #5 then jump to #2. Going to cost picks but they seem prepared to do whatever they have to do now. From #5 going to #2 will cost at least two additional picks or they can gamble and hope their guy is there at #5. Bottom line - getting to #5 is the move and it could include Siemian.
  2. Where things stand in NFL head coaching searches