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Found 4 results

  1. Not that we need yet another thread discussing how the Jets potentially "screwed" us, but I wanted to go into the draft point value of the trade & what the Bills could've (or should've) offered, and what was actually thought to be needed in the first place to trade with the Colts. According to the NFL Draft Value Chart (Walter Football - http://walterfootball.com/draftchart.php ), the Colts #3 overall pick was worth 2,200 points. The Jets traded them: #6 (1st Rd) = 1,600 points #37 (2nd Rd) = 530 points #49 (2nd Rd) = 410 points Undisclosed 2nd next year (between 270-580) Total: 2,540 points (confirmed) We were projected to have to trade both our 1st rounders, and a combination of either of our 2nd & 3rd round picks. For example, we could've traded: #12 (1st Rd) = 1,200 points #22 (1st Rd) = 780 points #56 (Our later 2nd Rd pick) = 340 points #65 (3rd Rd) = 265 Total: 2,585 points That would give us a 1st round pick (#3 overall), our better 2nd round pick (#53), a 3rd round pick (#96), and a 4th, 5th & 6th round pick remaining. In other words, we'd still have a full regular lineup of draft picks, 1 in each round with the exception of the 7th. To have a full lineup of draft picks AND have your choice of QB's, at least 1 of which the Bills Management clearly wants, is a great situation to be in regardless of "but we COULD do ____ with more picks!" Sure, we "could" do some other things, but 99% of the time teams are happy going into a draft with a full lineup of picks and not short from dumb trades (see: 2015 Bills draft where we had 0 picks until #50 overall, then only had a 3rd, a 5th, two 6th's & a 7th). Edit: I forgot to add the Bills obviously could offer picks/players/etc. that could compensate for the Jets' 2019 pick that there's no way to evaluate yet. It's done quite often in trades for picks anyway, so freeing up a mid round pick or player isn't some absurd price. So what then was Beane offering? My guess is he was offering both the 1st rounders, and the 3rd acquired from the Browns (2,245 points), and wouldn't budge on anything else. Hell, maybe he was feeling he was on a hot streak, wheeling & dealing with everything going his way and tried to get over on them in terms of point value....offering both 1sts & a 4th or something. Either way, it certainly has thrown a wrench in Beane's plans, because regardless of what anyone WANTS us to do, it's clear the Front Office was setting themselves up to trade into the top 4, and now another QB hungry team has placed themselves ahead of us.
  2. Where things stand in NFL head coaching searches
  3. VS. NFL.com Game Preview CBS Sports Game Preview Bills vs. Colts Vegas Lines Bills vs. Colts History NFL Week 14 Maps CBS Broadcast Team Play-by-Play: Spero Dedes Color Analyst: Adam Archuleta Sideline Reporter: Steve Tasker Colts vs. Jaguars Game Book PDF Colts Fall To The Jaguars, 30-10 First Impressions: Colts Fall To The Jaguars (Week 13) Five Things Learned: Colts/Jaguars (Week 13) ESPN: Colts' Chuck Pagano assured of first losing season in what could be his last Colts QB Jacoby Brissett Postgame Presser: Jacksonville Jaguars (1:16) Pagano: "We're Going To Continue To Fight And Compete." (7:26)