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Found 1 result

  1. All-22 of Bills-Jags from Cover1

    Haven't seen this linked here, excuse if I missed it. Analysis of Bills-Jaguars by Cover1's Nate Turner http://www.cover1.net/execution-comes-up-short-against-a-talented-jaguars-defense/ The bottom line doesn't change: Any time your defense holds the opponent to 10 points, you should win the game. But some good stuff there I haven't seen elsewhere, such as the Jags using some obvious and snipeable defensive signals (Cover-3 and Palms) coverage that we missed. He gives Dennison props for having enough in the game plan to win and puts a lot on the players for not executing. On the one hand, sure - Taylor especially, the drops, the penalty calling back Shady's run. On the other hand, if someone has been lacking at something all season, why ask them to do it in a playoff game? If blocking assignments have been an issue for your OL all season and you haven't been calling traps, do you really want to dust off a trap just so's you can watch them mess it up? Dance with what brung ya I say. Again, bottom line, our D came through, we had good enough talent and offensive game plan to win, we were just a handful of successful plays short. Nate puts it mostly on Taylor, and maybe it belongs there. OTOH, Nate is a clever analyst, and clever analysts appreciate clever play concepts by clever offensive coordinators - which is great provided the team has the right pieces to pull it off. Sometimes it's better to KISS and stick to the things your men can execute really well. Maybe that wouldn't have worked either. Good read, have a look.