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Found 6 results

  1. He isn't from Maine from what I have read, and his number is 49. https://twitter.com/maine_savage23?lang=en
  2. http://www.buffalobills.com/news/article-1/6-observations-from-week-one-of-the-Bills-2018-offseason-program/59d14ea6-2ee6-47c2-82c2-fdce40c266dd 3. O-LINE CUPBOARD IS NOT BARE Eric Wood is gone. So is Richie Incognito. Cordy Glenn, who started five games at left tackle last year, is now a Cincinnati Bengal. So, there will be changes up front for the Bills offensive line this year. But they have some experienced candidates on the roster already who can line up and play. Ryan Groy saw limited action last year, but in 2016 he started the final seven games of the year at center after Wood got hurt. Free agent signee Russell Bodine has started every single game at center for Cincinnati since he came into the league four years ago. And Dion Dawkins was the starter at left tackle for the Bills for the final 11 games of the year. Marshall Newhouse was signed up front to provide some depth. McDermott likes what he sees up front so far and likes the potential for improvement from the o-line group. “These guys are stepping up and that’s what you want to see,” McDermott says. “They understand what’s at stake; they understand there’s an opportunity for them to step up and increase their leadership influence.” I got a nasty flashback reading this. Anyone else remember? 2010 Nix and Gailey arrive “When I came here I heard, ‘Oh the cupboard’s bare,'” Gailey said. “The next thing I heard was the team’s in disarray. The next thing I heard was the sky is falling. . . . But I’m here to tell you folks, it’s not. We’ve got some good players.” We went 4 and 12 that year and drafted Marcell Dareus. Good thing our cupboard wasn't bare.
  3. Hey everyone. I don't generally come on here to promote my work, but this is a bit different. With the draft just weeks away, we compiled a list of meetings the Bills have had with prospects. Official-30 visitors and private workouts are indicated. http://www.newyorkupstate.com/expo/erry-2018/04/b675f821924437/2018_nfl_draft_which_prospects.html
  4. I was listening to WGR55 and Sal was talking about if we stay at 12 and 22. The cost implications for the 5th year option versus the top of the draft are very significant. I am not saying that you don't move up and get your dude at 2, 4, 5 or 6, however if we can't the 5th year option is up to 8 Million different for example. Sammy was a $14 Million dollar option versus Tré White who may be half that or far less. Having the 5th year option to me is essential for flexibility in resigning or trading an asset. I wish we had another 1st rounder this year or next. This also makes me believe that trading for a guy on another team that is an 11-32 pick makes sense in the future. Many of these first round picks get moved for far less in year 4 (E.g. Sammy Watkins). The problem is signing them long term would be the goal. The Rams wasted a 2nd rounder for a rental player which they cold have used this year to trade for Odell Beckham instead. I know we need to draft an MLB (high priority) and a QB (must be a fit and cost must not be outrageous). If we do not move up I would inclined to trade a 2nd and 4th this year to any team willing to give us a 2019 1st round pick. Our seconds our middle-late, so it may cost a bit more. Draft capitol in the first round just seems to give a team much more flexibility. Plus ANY team can sh** the bed and a 1st rounder could be a 4th-14th (E.g Houston at 4, Denver at 5, Oakland 9 and Green Bay at 14). It is worth the gamble. That puts me into this odd situation in my thought process... I believe that it will be Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson that will be available somewhere between picks 6-12 (pick 6 will cost $$$$). I think they are both a bit of a reach until pick 9 (sweet spot as we can swap a 3rd or 2nd with SF), but it is a QB and we need one. I do not care what analysts think. I care what our scouts/coaches believe and know about our system and the best fit. Neither will be available past pick 22. On potential alone they are both electrifying. Mayfield can dink, dunk and create. Lamar can add extra first downs with his legs. I now that many of you believe that Lamar is going to fall past pick 22, but I am not so sure. If this guy can sit for 2 years to learn a system and gain about 12 lbs he may be the guy. He ran our system in college. Mayfield is a proven winner, but I am not so sure he is a Buffalo guy and can he deliver when it is freezing, blowing and etc. Last item, if it is Josh Allen that falls and a HIGHLY doubt it, because of his size and the nature of the teams all being in nasty weather without domes, then Buffalo needs to grab him if he falls between 4-6 even if it costs both 1st round picks this year. YES, he could be a bust... But is he better than Bortles (pick #3)? Does he look as good as Big Ben (pick #11)? I would have to say he is. I think he can do quite well in the NFL. He actually to me seems like a guy that will work hard. Do I think he could kill us for 4 years and set us back. It is very possible, but not likely. Do we forgo all crazy thoughts and sell out to go to pick 2 or 4, basically giving away 2 drafts for 1 guy? Do we go to pick 6 if Mayfield or Allen fall to pick #6 past Denver? Do we take Lamar at #12 because Daboll and the gang believe that he is our guy? Do we stay and take best player available at #12 (MLB/Corner/WR) and #22 (C/Guard, LB, WR)? Do we use #12 to trade down to get another 1st rounder next year? Do we consider trying to get another 1st rounder next year by giving up a 2nd rounder + change for example? Anyways I created a Poll to see what you think! I left out other QBs as an option, because they are all below average to me.
  5. CBS has Mason Rudolph and then Lamar Jackson as the top two QB's in this year's draft. Is this true? If so, the Bills should easily get Rosen, Darnold, Allen, or Mayfield at 12. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/prospect-rankings/quarterbacks/ https://s18.postimg.org/ucica291l/qb_rank.jpg