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Found 3 results

  1. I just realized we are on national TV week 3 in the pre-season at home. We are the only game at this time slot and featured on Fox. That means the entire nation will be watchng us. The fans will be in a complete frenzy. This is also pre-season Week 3, when the starters usually play for the entire first half and usually the first series of the 2nd half. Cincinnati should start Andy Dalton, Preston Brown, and Cordy Glenn. Maybe even Tyler Boyd. Do Dalton and Boyd getting standing ovations from the Bills fans? I am so pumped for this game. My palms are already sweating. We haven't had a home national TV game since early in the 2016 season. I have not been so excited for a pre-season game ever. This is the chance to prove to the nation we are contenders and that last year was not a fluke. If we do well this game, there is a better chance to be flexed later on in the season. The pressure is on Josh Allen to perform (how can he not be the starter?) This is like our Super Bowl. Are preseason home games still subject to blackout?
  2. I am neither agreeing or disagreeing with his conclusions, but these are some excerpts of what Marcus Hayes of the Philadelphia Inquirer reported today: http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/eagles/lesean-mccoy-buffalo-bills-allegations-philadelphia-eagles-marcus-hayes-20180711.html "[Shady] took that opportunity to remind me of something I’d written after his rookie season, in which I’d characterized him as something other than the world’s greatest young running back. As a rookie, McCoy, a second-round pick, shared the starting role with two other running backs. My characterization was accurate at the time, but I congratulated him on the progress he’d made in the year since. He replied with a loud string of expletives. He impugned my professionalism, my acumen, and my intelligence … and then he stuck his finger in my face and told me he should kick my “[bleeping] ass.” [...] About a year later, in the locker room while I was waiting to interview another player, McCoy called me over to his locker. Asante Samuel, his good friend, stood next to him. There, McCoy began to deride me again for a subsequent story. I told him I had no interest in having that conversation in that space. At that point, Samuel grabbed me by the arm to hold me in place. [...] But these incidents, combined with others in McCoy’s past, paint the picture of, at the very least, a man who struggles to resolve conflict with civility. He has been connected with a nightclub brawl, kicking a female guest off a party bus on the New Jersey Turnpike and, frivolously, tipping badly."
  3. I have SiriusXM satellite radio right now and it expires July 19. I was going to renew, but recently there has been faulty Bills reporting. Over the weekend they had a news report every half hour or so that kept on saying there is a new NFL snow rule, inspired by the Indianapolis-Buffalo game last year. They said non-players helped clear snow so Adam Vinatieri could kick a game-tying field go to force OT, and that Indy went on to win it in OT. Now, the final score was Buffalo 13-7, so there was no field goal; and Buffalo won, not Indy. Since it was on auto play, it drove me insane each time it played. Can't they even get the basic facts correct?? Did anyone else hear this? And some guy reported here a few months ago that Brady Quinn on SiriusXM's "Moving the Chains" said the Chargers failed to beat a playoff team last season, except they did (they beat Buffalo). It's like they have no respect for the Bills, so I am tempted to stop my subscription, despite good coverage otherwise (way better than NFL Network). Oh, just as a stupid aside, James Lofton works one of the weekend shows on SiriusXM and he butchered California place names. He said "El Say-guhn-doh"" instead of "El Say-goon-doh" (El Segundo), and something else which was even worse, but I forgot what it was. I almost died when I heard it. Just like my father said "Luh Joe-luh" for "La Jolla" (Luh Hoy-uh") in the 1970's when I was a child.