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Found 25 results

  1. Would he be a good guest ? Should Tyrod sue the Bills and the Bills fans for mistreatment ? Does any of his rambling have any merit ?
  2. Five Teams with the Most Riding on the Combine The prospects are the stars of the NFL Scouting Combine. But don't forget about the teams watching them, who will be making franchise-shaping decisions based on the player evaluations that will be further refined in Indianapolis. Below, I've identified five teams with the most riding on the combine -- teams that are facing pressure to get the 2018 NFL Draft right by correctly answering key questions about potential draftees at Lucas Oil Stadium. Buffalo Bills The Bills' trip to the playoffs in 2017 was a feel-good story. It was also a minor miracle. Coach Sean McDermott's got his work cut out for him in his second season at the helm, given that everyone on the roster got a year older, including offensive centerpiece LeSean McCoy, who, though still plenty productive in 2017, is about to acquire the dreaded label of "30-year-old running back." Plus, there is still the matter of quarterback Tyrod Taylor. Is he the answer at the position? With Taylor carrying a significant cap hit in 2018, it could behoove the team to try to draft his replacement. With two picks in each of the first two rounds, they'll have the chance to address some major needs, whether under center (perhaps by trading up) or on both sides of the line. With a neck injury forcing Eric Wood to retire, they could look to a draft rich in centers for his replacement. Then there's the matter of potentially having to replace defensive tackle Kyle Williams, who could retire or sign elsewhere. If Buffalo is going to continue trending in the right direction, the team must make the most of this draft.
  3. I will break this out as a separate topic as it got lost during a thread. I would appreciate if anyone can provide insight on how it would work to include a player for a trade-up during the draft. Can you give an example of a time when it happened? Not before the draft (common) but actually ON DRAFT DAY, during the draft I see it as problematical. Normally, the procedure on a trade is: 1) teams agree in principle on terms 2) teams file paperwork with NFL 3) traded player reports to new team for physical 4) new team signs off that player has passed physical 5) trade goes through OR 4) new team says player has not passed physical 5) trade is renegotiated OR trade is voided If you trade for a player during the draft, steps 3) to 5) seem problematical - it would obviously be hard to void the trade and get your pick back when it's already been used.
  4. 2-6: Tony DeFeo of EdjSports with Jeremy White (19:42) Great interview with the president of Edjsports where talks about what they do for the Eagles and other NFL/NCAA clients with regard to Big Data and Analytics. There are plans for the Bills to talk to them about becoming a client.
  5. Post-Drought Reconstruction: Two Unqualified Dudes Talking Buffalo Bills Football
  6. All-22 of Bills-Jags from Cover1

    Haven't seen this linked here, excuse if I missed it. Analysis of Bills-Jaguars by Cover1's Nate Turner http://www.cover1.net/execution-comes-up-short-against-a-talented-jaguars-defense/ The bottom line doesn't change: Any time your defense holds the opponent to 10 points, you should win the game. But some good stuff there I haven't seen elsewhere, such as the Jags using some obvious and snipeable defensive signals (Cover-3 and Palms) coverage that we missed. He gives Dennison props for having enough in the game plan to win and puts a lot on the players for not executing. On the one hand, sure - Taylor especially, the drops, the penalty calling back Shady's run. On the other hand, if someone has been lacking at something all season, why ask them to do it in a playoff game? If blocking assignments have been an issue for your OL all season and you haven't been calling traps, do you really want to dust off a trap just so's you can watch them mess it up? Dance with what brung ya I say. Again, bottom line, our D came through, we had good enough talent and offensive game plan to win, we were just a handful of successful plays short. Nate puts it mostly on Taylor, and maybe it belongs there. OTOH, Nate is a clever analyst, and clever analysts appreciate clever play concepts by clever offensive coordinators - which is great provided the team has the right pieces to pull it off. Sometimes it's better to KISS and stick to the things your men can execute really well. Maybe that wouldn't have worked either. Good read, have a look.
  7. Bills vs. Jaguars Game Book PDF
  8. Boomer weighs in

    thanks for billsfansmatt3r. Not my link. The big kahuna πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Berman is awesome.
  9. WWE Buffalo Bills Smackdown

    https://twitter.com/KTCephusM/status/949064796636360705?s=17 Enjoy
  10. BILLS BEAT DOLPHINS; ADVANCE TO PLAYOFFS GAME CENTER The Bills' Playoff Drought is Over! Bills vs. Dolphins Game Book PDF
  11. It feels good to make this thread! WILD CARD WEEKEND: SUNDAY, JAN. 7 GAME TIME (ET)/SCORE TV TICKETS AFC Wild Card Playoffs: Buffalo at Jacksonville 1:05pm CBS Tickets Wild Card Schedule: Falcons-Rams in Prime Time VS. NFL.com Game Preview Bills vs. Jaguars Vegas Lines Bills vs. Jaguars History Jaguars vs. Titans Game Book PDF Game report: Titans 15, Jaguars 10 View from the O-Zone: Don’t panic Sexton-Oehser quick thoughts: Titans 15, Jaguars 10 MARRONE: "THE GOOD PART IS THAT WE'RE COMING HOME." (4:11) Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone meets with the media following a loss to the Tennessee Titans. BORTLES: "WE HAVE TO MAKE PLAYS." (1:46) Jaguars Quarterback Blake Bortles meets with the media following loss to the Tennessee Titans. CBS Broadcast TeamPlay-by-Play: Jim NantzColor Analyst: Tony RomoSideline Reporters: Tracy Wolfson and Jay Feely
  12. Playoffs? Playoffs?? The Playoff Chances Thread

    ESPN playoff generator I'm inexperienced at these things We win, the Bengals win, and we're in, is that what I'm seeing? Excuse if this is discussed in other thread, I'm skunked on the search function since the board upgrade
  13. VS. NFL.com Game Preview CBS Sports Game Preview Bills vs. Dolphins Vegas Lines Bills vs. Dolphins History NFL Week 17 Maps CBS Broadcast Team Play-by-Play: Andrew CatalonColor Analyst: James Lofton Dolphins vs. Chiefs Game Book PDF Dolphins Fall To Chiefs On The Road
  14. Will open at 12:50 PM - Go Bills!!!!
  15. Will open during halftime. Go Bills.
  16. Pick from the Marcell Dareus Trade

    If I recall correctly, the 6th round pick we received from the Jags for Marcell Dareus COULD turn into a 5th round pick IF the following situations transpire: -Dareus plays the entirety of the 2017 season. -The Jags make the playoffs. Anybody have the details on this? Because it looks like both are happening. Not a huge deal, but a 5th could be a Milano or a Peterman. Just sayin'.
  17. VS. NFL.com Game Preview CBS Sports Game Preview Bills vs. Patriots Vegas Lines Bills vs. Patriots History NFL Week 16 Maps - Available on Wednesday CBS Broadcast Team Play-by-Play: Jim Nantz Color Analyst: Tony Romo Sideline Reporter: Tracy Wolfson Gronk returns with career performance as Pats clinch East GAME CENTER Patriots Clinch with Wild Win over Steelers Patriots vs. Steelers Game Book PDF
  18. Bills vs. Dolphins Postgame

  19. Week 16 it's Nantz, Romo, and Wolfson again for Bills at Patriots
  20. I'll preface this by saying I still don't believe the Bills are getting to the playoffs this year even if they win every game but the Pats and finish 9-7. Anything is possible but I still think terrible losses to teams like the Bengals and Jets are what ultimately will haunt this team, not the Chargers game contrary to popular belief because we weren't beating that team with TT as QB either. But if you believe 9-7 gets them in forget about the Ravens, they are winning out and going 10-6. This is a very good team that probably should have won in Pitt last night. However the team to focus on now is the Titans who should have been blown out by the Cardinals yesterday in a loss. And as of right now Vegas has the 3-10 49ers as home favorites against the Titans next week which is very reasonable given their play the last few weeks under Jimmy Garropolo. After next week the Titans finish at home against the Rams and Jags, two more games they can easily lose and probably split those games at best. How ironic would it be if the Titans lose out or lose to the Bills head to head and that's how the Bills get into the Playoffs snapping a 17 year drought in which their last playoff appearance was against the same Titans team?
  21. VS. NFL.com Game Preview CBS Sports Game Preview Bills vs. Dolphins Vegas Lines Bills vs. Dolphins History NFL Week 15 Maps CBS Broadcast Team Play-by-Play: Beth Mowins Color Analyst: Jay Feely Dolphins awful in prime time, but will it change against Patriots?
  22. VS. NFL.com Game Preview CBS Sports Game Preview Bills vs. Colts Vegas Lines Bills vs. Colts History NFL Week 14 Maps CBS Broadcast Team Play-by-Play: Spero Dedes Color Analyst: Adam Archuleta Sideline Reporter: Steve Tasker Colts vs. Jaguars Game Book PDF Colts Fall To The Jaguars, 30-10 First Impressions: Colts Fall To The Jaguars (Week 13) Five Things Learned: Colts/Jaguars (Week 13) ESPN: Colts' Chuck Pagano assured of first losing season in what could be his last Colts QB Jacoby Brissett Postgame Presser: Jacksonville Jaguars (1:16) Pagano: "We're Going To Continue To Fight And Compete." (7:26)