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  1. LittleJoeCartwright

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    O'Sullivan may have been with 11 NFL teams but for 3 of them he was just on the practice squad. That would leave him with 8 teams that he was on the roster, tied with Steve DeBerg and Fitz. If Fitzpatrick would play into his 40s, he could beat both records.
  2. LittleJoeCartwright

    No.6 UB (31-3) vs No.11 ASU/St.John's Fri 3/22

    That was awesome! Hopefully they can win a game or two in the NCAA Tourney. We need to enjoy and savor this. Five of the top 7 players on this team are seniors.
  3. LittleJoeCartwright

    Ziggy Ansah to visit bills

  4. LittleJoeCartwright

    Panthers have released Matt Kalil

    Also, as mentioned in a recent discussion about O-line play, many college teams are running the spread where an O-lineman only has to hold off his defender for a short time.
  5. LittleJoeCartwright

    Bortles released

    Just think, all of that maneuvering to move up and draft Josh Allen when the Bills could’ve just waited and Bortles is there for free.
  6. LittleJoeCartwright

    This is FA ***** awesome

    It seemed like the Bills started it a couple years ago with the trades of Watkins and Darby, etc.. An actual trade during the season for Benjamin.
  7. LittleJoeCartwright

    Grade players to Bills

    I'll be interested to see, once these contracts are official, how the team looks with the salary cap.
  8. LittleJoeCartwright

    Earl Thomas in discussion on 3yr deal with Cle

    I wonder how many remaining free agents are calling their agents telling them to contact Cleveland? A bandwagon of players!
  9. LittleJoeCartwright

    G Jon Feliciano (Raiders) to the Bills

    And Groy!
  10. LittleJoeCartwright

    G Jon Feliciano (Raiders) to the Bills

    Muy bien adicion!!
  11. LittleJoeCartwright

    Brandon Beane Money Ball

    Just like his "cousin" Billy Beane of the A's. Seriously, I checked and they're not related.
  12. LittleJoeCartwright

    It's early in FA, but...

    I've never agreed with the statements that you can't fix everything in one offseason. Unless a team had no picks in the first 3 rounds and was way over the cap, it can be done. Now, the draft can be used to build depth and add players at positions where you expect to possibly need replacements after the upcoming season. Lorax playing only 1 more year and Jerry Hughes' contract ending: let's draft an OLB and DE. McCoy getting near the end:. Draft a RB.
  13. LittleJoeCartwright

    Not a bad start to free agency

    A devil's advocate look at these signings: Morse-. Has had concussions Kevin Johnson- has suffered with concussions Kroft-.had broken foot requiring surgery Gore- over the hill at age 36 Following a year where the signings of Lotulelei, Murphy, McCarron and Vonta Davis didn't pan out, they seem underwhelming and risky.
  14. LittleJoeCartwright

    TE Tyler Kroft (Bengals) to the Bills

    Guess we needed the sarcasm font.
  15. LittleJoeCartwright

    LeVeon Bell to Ravens?

    Well they’re getting rid of Flacco’s $20M+ deal also