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  1. LittleJoeCartwright

    Comments about Nathan Peterman being a "good guy"

    Mark Jackson was a faith-based leader when coaching the Golden State Warriors and also a preacher for a church in LA. That was fine for players like Steph Curry but other players didn't like his prayers in the locker room and encouraging the players to join him at church. It became divisive. I haven't heard of this bring an issue with the Bills.
  2. LittleJoeCartwright

    Start Josh Allen (healthy) or Matt Barkley?

    Let’s temper our enthusiasm over Barkley’s performance. Yes, he played very well but there are reasons this is his 6th team and he was available now. He’s been very inconsistent in his career. I think if Allen is healthy, he should play as he’s expected to be the future. If he’s not 100%, let him sit and see what Barkley can do with more action. Having Barkley now, I think Anderson can go back to the mentor role.
  3. LittleJoeCartwright

    Kelvin Benjamin needs to be cut

    Yes, sometimes it’s hard to judge from the sideline camera how close a player actually is to the ball but I thought the same as you on that play. He may have been in the best position to dive and get it, or not even need to dive.
  4. LittleJoeCartwright

    Four Different Starting QBs in One Season

    I don’t think the Bills have had a Notre Dame QB other than Lamonica.
  5. LittleJoeCartwright

    Four Different Starting QBs in One Season

    The Vikings should be really embarrassed that they looked past this team and lost to them at home.
  6. LittleJoeCartwright

    Barkley expected to start

    Same here. Tomorrow is my birthday so I’m reluctant to spend 3 hours of it watching another horror show.
  7. LittleJoeCartwright

    Bills Jets killing me this week in fantasy football

    Reported that Flacco has a hip injury so Jackson could be a good pickup but they have a bye this week. I was also affected by these teams. I'm in a 2-Defense league and have Denver on a bye so I needed another one. When I looked at who was available, the Bills and Niners caught my eye, with the Niners hosting the Giants on MNF. I thought about Darnold with all the INTs/turnovers so I went with the Bills. Then comes the news that Darnold wasn't likely to play and the Niners were now taken. In another league I have the Baltimore Def, also on a bye, so I picked up the Jets.
  8. LittleJoeCartwright

    The gap between the haves and have-nots is growing wider

    Isn’t always true. Philip Rivers is one of the better QBs but the Chargers don’t make the playoffs every year. I think Stafford has been a good franchise QB but his lions rarely make the playoffs.
  9. Another Thursday night blowout by the home team! What a surprise!
  10. LittleJoeCartwright

    Darnold likely out Sunday

    Or watching curling
  11. LittleJoeCartwright

    Gregg Williams has a new job offer

    Isn’t that three Gs?
  12. LittleJoeCartwright

    Who here made this ? Lol

    The continual dumbing down of our society.
  13. LittleJoeCartwright

    Bills claim WR Isaac McKittrick from Seahawks

    You mean someone who might actually get “separation”?! There has been much discussion here about the reasons for the Bills poor passing game but the comments by Darryl Johnston during yesterday’s broadcast about the Bills receivers failure to get separation has now been mentioned a few times by analysts on Bills broadcasts. Of course we’ve also seen open receivers missed by our collection of quarterbacks.
  14. LittleJoeCartwright

    I’m angry, and I demand accountability.

    Waaah! Waaah! Waaaaaaaaah!
  15. LittleJoeCartwright

    Finally the end for peterman???

    Michael Thomas held onto the ball on a similar play. Of course, that’s why he’s a Pro Bowl player