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  1. It does seem like there was always a 3rd and 16 that would get a questionable illegal contact call during the brady years.
  2. I dont buy that they're saving bates to eventually replace Morse. Their superbowl window is open, you don't hold anything back. Plus snaps will only help Bates if he is viable.
  3. I saw enough bombs from Brady when the pats were up 3 scores late in the game to not care about this. Good teams impose their will. Mediocre teams worry about what the other team thinks.
  4. Calf strain per McDermott. Ike gets his shot to sturdy up the LG spot for the foreseeable future.
  5. Henry keeps those LBs sucked up close to the line. AJ Brown feasts on medium crossers where the MLB should normally be in his drop. Tannehill struggles working outside the hashes so it's a crusher for that offense.
  6. I always wondered why you just don't use a 7th round pick on the best punter in college. Hes going to be on the field more than the guy you are likely going to send to the practice squad.
  7. The weird thing for us Bills fans this year is that if the Bills do make a trade, say they go big and trade their first rounder, its likely going to be in the mid to late 20s if it plays out like we hope this year. We're so used to first rounders being top 12 picks...
  8. Allen also threw it about 90 MPH, not a throw you can lollipop in there, but not everything needs to be a fastball. The Beasley touchdown pass had some mustard on it too, almost went through his hands. Allen had nice touch on the throw to Duke, but he seems to have the adrenaline flowing alot and is ripping fastballs when the situation may not call for it.
  9. Duke Williams to the Bengals in exchange for AJ Green and Cincys 1st rounder
  10. Open roster spot now.............. what's coming next?
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