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  1. Duke Williams to the Bengals in exchange for AJ Green and Cincys 1st rounder
  2. Open roster spot now.............. what's coming next?
  3. A few of those could have been incomplete if Zay just fights for the ball. Heck, interfere with the DB if you have to, do anything but what he has done on those throws.
  4. The thing that concerns me is that he reverts really easily to bad habits. I'm not just talking about the hero ball stuff he does. Yesterday his mechanics were awful and it showed in his accuracy. Back foot throws, his shoulders flying open, he was missing really short throws to the flat, he was missing over the middle, he was just scattershot outside of 1 drive in the 3rd.
  5. Makes Brady whining about all the holding calls during the Thursday night game seem a little more calculated doesn't it.........
  6. To me, a guy like Antonio Brown may have raped her, and doesn't even realize it. So as to say, a narcissistic self centered guy of generally bad character is used to getting his way regardless of what people say and do. What was a nothing incident to him was actually him imposing his will in an assault.
  7. Patrick Chung is going through the legal process with Cocaine possession.... the Kraft Prostitution thing.... the shine has to start to come off the Patriot way sooner or later.
  8. surprising Kevin Johnson received 0 snaps yesterday... the staff must not think very highly.
  9. I wonder how many of those were called run plays that Allen audibled out of.... he was changing calls at the line a lot the first few drives.
  10. I hope this is true. For the last 20 years I've been watching the Bills get quick snapped, stuck in bad personnel groupings, 12 men on the field, QB sneaked, bubble screened and however many other nuanced ways the Patriots have taken advantage of the Bills old school thinking. it would be nice to watch innovation happening from our sidelines for a change. Throw in a 300 yard passing performance on offense and my head might explode.
  11. based on what we've seen so far, he might catch 100 by week 12
  12. Love it. We've been out of Pennekamp a few times, we would rent a house for a week in the keys every year, alternating between Marathon and Islamorada, but haven't been back since the hurricane.
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