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  1. Acantha

    Favorite Old School Wrestler

    I hate when"favorite" threads turn into lists, so I'll refrain since I have about 8 names in my head and can't narrow it down. Instead I'll change direction a bit and say that any time I think of "old school" wrestling, the first thing I think of is the Ricky The Dragon Steamboat vs Ric Flair trilogy. Some of the greatest performances ever and really changed wrestling for me from pure entertainment to really respecting the talent of it all. I was about 10 for the first one. Those matches are also a big part of the reason I can't sit through the modern stuff.
  2. He definitely has a better day. But I was more referring to the season as a whole so far. Just like everyone else, he has to deal with a weak offense as a whole which makes running harder, but I don't think he gets away from all blame. Whether it's age or all the drama in his life, he hasn't been himself. But like you said, yesterday was a good step. He had two runs yesterday where the way he moved finally looked like him. It was great to see. And again, I was using him as the only real bright spot to the talent level of the offense right now.
  3. The defense is solid. The offense, from top to bottom, is one of the least talented I ever remember watching. If not for McCoy, who doesn't seem to be quite up to his dominant level, I would say it is absolute bottom of the barrel.
  4. Acantha

    The flip to RR was the worst call I've ever seen.

    The only thing I could think at the time was that they were saying Allen didn't have possession of the ball before pushing it forward. I think the replay was clear, but it's all I could think of.
  5. Acantha

    Here comes Rosen

    Was he? I didn't watch the game and was told he was pulled. Easily could have been told wrong.
  6. Acantha

    Here comes Rosen

    All 4 playing by week 3, and none due to injury. Pretty crazy. Horrible time.
  7. I'm honestly leaning toward the idea that he planned it. Left off the active roster week 1, only got back due to injury. He saw the writing on the wall and wanted to make a splash on his way out, maybe even an F U to the Bills who deactivated him. Far fetched maybe, but no more so than a mid game epiphany.
  8. Acantha

    Anyone ever go through a divorce with a child?

    Wow, you pretty much described my situation to a T. Married a little over 6 six years, 3 year old son. Amicable divorce. Even lived with each other for over a month after we decided to divorce while we figured things out. I can't get into details (too hard on my phone), but suffice it to say I agree with the overall sentiment of get a lawyer and do NOT worry too much about being the nice guy. That doesn't mean be an !@#$, but don't roll over on everything just because you want to maintain the relationship. Overwhelming chances are, that story you told about dinners together isn't going to work out anyway. I don't want to preach or harp, but if your interested in what happened with me (it's nothing horrible, but it will make you think), send me a message. When I can sit down at a computer I'll fill you in.
  9. Man, I forgot about that movie! D&C is just too "classic" at this point to say The Stoned Age is better, but I loved that movie when it came out. A friend of mine bought it and I probably saw it a dozen times. I may just go stream it for nostalgia sake.
  10. Acantha

    Josh is rough around the edges but man kid has potential

    Honestly, I think he was exactly what the tape says he is. He's got a huge arm, pretty good athleticism, and is pretty tough. He also needs to work on accuracy and is going to need a bunch of time to adjust to the NFL. He has very little feel for pre-snap reads and using those to throw timing routes. That will likely come with experience (lots). Given how bad the team is as a whole, and the complete failure of Peterman, I think this time in the game is invaluable to Allen. I don't expect much, but it will all help in year 2+ as the team is built around him. One more thing, he HAS to stop pulling the ball down, turning and running sideways to the LOS. This is where the NFL defensive speed is KILLING him. I know the Oline sucks and is putting him in bad positions, but he has to keep his eyes down field, body in position to throw, and move sideways. As soon as he pulls that ball down and starts to turn, the defense has already closed.
  11. No idea may be a bit strong, but there's not much that can be gleaned from his time in the game. At the time he went in, Baltimore was putting in their second stringers and pulling back their defense in order to wind the clock down. The game was over, and Harbaugh was playing for his Thursday night game. As far as judging Allen, it basically amounted to another preseason game. While IMO I don't think there was really any other choice but to start Allen, what I've seen from him so far doesn't fill me with confidence. I think the best case scenario is he can hit a deep ball early in order to get some kind of room for the running game. If they come out with the same game plan as they did against Baltimore, this is going to be another ugly game.