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  1. Agree with you 100%. I also hope he improves his game day coaching.
  2. The Rams were 12-5 if I'm not mistaken. I know they weren't THE front runner, but they were in the top 3-5 depending on where you looked.
  3. Mr WEO, persistent, aren't we? That's cool, it's all good. This is not the route that was intended for this thread. As already said, I wasn't comparing careers, just curious as to how much of an improvement he could make with Von on the field. Anyway, I have to match your evidence, so here are mine. I searched 'best defensive tackles of all time'. These are the top 5 results if you care to check them out: https://www.nfl.com/photos/gil-brandt-s-greatest-nfl-defensive-tackles-of-all-time-0ap3000000816301 https://athlonsports.com/nfl/25-greatest-defensive-linemen-nfl-history https://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/greatest-defensive-tackles-of-all-time https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1127942-the-top-10-defensive-tackles-in-nfl-history https://www.fanrankings.com/nfl/articles/top-10-nfl-defensive-tackles-of-all-time-rankings I'm hoping that Ed can put it all together and come out in full force beginning this season. He has the physical tools, hopefully he can improve on his mental game. I'm sure we are on the same page on that, yes? After all, he was projected to be a star according to NFL prospects: Aaron Donald Prospect Grade 5.90 / Ed Oliver Prospect Grade 6.80. Isn't that funny? I forgot to add; he is only 24.
  4. So, you seriously believe that the parts that you bold prove that I or Sal made the claim that 'Miller somehow made Donald'? That Von Miller is responsible for the player that Aaron Donald has become? I went to the doppelgänger thread, I guess I missed where Einstein said that Allen and Johnson are essentially the same. This is what I read, and I quote the OP's opening line: 'Just watched this again on YouTube and had a good laugh. Its uncanny how similar some of the plays are.' It was my first time seeing it, and he was right, it is uncanny. I could be wrong, but I took the doppelgänger mention as tongue in cheek. I guess it all comes down to reading comprehension. I forgot to mention, I'm not an Ed Oliver fan or a fan of any individual on this team. I'm a Buffalo Bills Fan.
  5. 'Routinely': often and regularly per vocabulary.com. Please do me a favor and search for this term or one that is similar: 'best defensive tackles of all time'. Let me know how often and regularly he is mentioned or described as the best DT ever. But again, I never compared Ed's on the field accomplishments with Aaron's that would have been ludicrous. I just compared their physical attributes and workout results, nothing more.
  6. Fair enough, I apologize if you took umbrage at my comment. I did not mean it to be personal, but this is a fact and not just my opinion: There is and will always be comparison. That's how we gauge the level of any athlete's (or actor, musician, artist, etc.) performance and improvement. Someone has to set the benchmark to which all participants are subject to.
  7. I'm sorry, I re-read every post in this thread and didn't find where it was suggested that 'Miller somehow made Donald'. Could you be so kind as to point out the specific post? I even re-read Sal's article and saw nothing that supports your statement.
  8. I didn't realize this excellent point. I know he needed an attitude change. Listening to him after the draft, it was obvious he thought it would be business as usual.
  9. Yes, Aaron is Aaron, and Ed is Ed, and Ed will make his mark. But there is and will always be comparison. That's how we gauge the level of any athlete's (or actor, musician, artist, etc.) performance and improvement. Someone has to set the benchmark to which all participants are subject to. However, my comparison was of their physical attributes only, to highlight that Aaron doesn't have an unfair advantage due to size or freak of nature strength.
  10. But see, that's one reason I looked at both of their combine/pro day workouts. They both are basically the same physically and in workout results. So technique and the fact that Ed has far less snap count have to be the biggest difference (along with coaching). Ed declared early, which does count against him. What I was getting at with this post is with the progress that Ed has been making in this defensive system, he should go completely ballistic this season. It's not like Aaron is 6 inches taller, 70 pounds heavier, and benched 45 reps. They are very much similar. If Ed stays healthy, gets more snaps, and continues to improve, he can be on the list of the greatest. I have to say that I may be way, way off. But I believe he is better than an average starter. He has the potential to become a star in the league. I could be wrong.
  11. I'm trying not to get too excited over what this defense could be. I just read the article about how Von Miller can elevate Ed's game, and it was eye-opening when you consider the effect Von had on Aaron. From the article, I thought this was quite telling: Also, consider that Von was only with the Rams for just 12 games, if I'm correct. Plus, our defense is better than the Rams' with Von, IMO. Anyway, I compared the physical attributes of the two as a reminder of how similar they are. Some of Ed's numbers are from his pro day workout. Ed Oliver Aaron Donald Height: 6 ft 1.5 in Height: 6 ft.75 in Weight: 287 lb Weight: 285 lb 40-yard dash:4.73 s 40-yard dash:4.68 s 10-yard split:1.63 s 10-yard split:1.63 s 20-yard split:2.78 s 20-yard split:2.69 s 20-yard shuttle:4.19 s 20-yard shuttle:4.39 s Three-cone drill:7.15 s Three-cone drill:7.11 s Vertical jump:36 in Vertical jump:32 in Broad jump:10 ft Broad jump:9 ft 8 in Bench press:32 reps Bench press:35 reps
  12. Interesting segment, but I'm surprised that he isn't taking his diet seriously at all. Yes, he's only 25 and can do whatever he feels is most important, but still. He should sit down with Bruce Smith (unquestionably the GOAT) and listen to how his change of diet and making his physical health paramount, worked out for him. Josh can be THE true GOAT (which I believe he is) if he truly commits 100%. Another thing that stood out to me, besides a lack of an appropriate diet, was his answer to a question about his mental state during the playoff game against the Chiefs. He said it was purely through trial and error that he could achieve the mental edge/focus in that game. He is trying to figure it out on his own, and I give him lots of credit for that. However, having a 'high performance' coach on his team would be so much more effective for his mental game. I have to believe that between the training staff and Jordan Palmer, someone has brought diet and high performance coaching up, and he's not jumping on it. Maybe he's still in the 'college party' mind frame. Josh is scary as he is — but I wonder if he knows just how terrifying he can be.
  13. I would like to see blue helmets, with the standing intimidating 'I'll kick your arse' buffalo.
  14. Didn't Marv Levy say (and I paraphrase): "If you blame the refs for losing you didn't deserve to win"?
  15. Even as a child I couldn't understand why the team would want a name that is associated with someone who in reality slaughtered buffalo (bison). It's like accepting a self-imposed curse. I've always thought the team should go with no nickname so I agree. And let's have a real buffalo as a mascot like the University of Colorado and get rid of Billy! A real buffalo running onto the field to the rumble of the Stampede Drumline representing the strength of the city of Buffalo. AWSOME!
  16. i like EJ also and have hope that this new offense will showcase his talents but i would like to see Josh Freeman get a shot here as well...if he can be found; he's not even talked about as a free agent.
  17. absolutley, i always compare EJ to Big Ben not only because of physical similarity (i believe EJ has a higher ceiling though) but due to Doug Whaley as well. if i remember correctly he wants to mirror Ben's development and build a team similar to Pittsburgh's, so in my mind we have a perfect gauge. here is a comparison between EJ and Ben through their first 12 games that they started. now keep in mind that Ben was on a play off caliber team in his rookie year, they lost to NE in the second post season game: EJ: 212 comp - 354 att - 59.9% - 2347 yds - 6.6 avg - 13 td - 10 int Ben: 170 comp - 256 att - 66.4% - 2224 yds - 8.7 avg - 13 td - 8 int i'm sure my hurried calculations are right, correct me if i'm wrong. he needs patience and support.
  18. spot on! and throw in the fact that he has only started and completed just 11 seasonal games (aren't we 6-5 in those games, with some truly encouraging and inspiring performances from EJ?) along with finding the right combo on the offensive line i think he is doing very well and will only get better. experience "game wise" he is still in his rookie year. i truly don't understand or see the logic of the naysayers so early in his pro career. if we can get solid play from the guards (and i believe we will be seeing Richardson sooner than later) this team will be incredibly potent on the road and unbeatable at home. i'm sure they will get better in the rz; some of that is on Marrone, he has admitted as much.
  19. RIP Mr. Ralph C. Wilson, my condolences to his family and Bills organization. as a Bills fan i am proud to have had a team owner who will leave a positive and everlasting mark on the NFL. may his contributions always be inseparable from the team that i was destined to be a fan of for as long as there will be Buffalo Bills.....and now it begins.
  20. most of the people i work with are praying for the Bills to crush the Jets in the opener (sick of Rex and Timmy) and dominate NE and Miami thus winning the division. outside of the 4 SB appearances they all thought the Bills languished in the division cellar, i had to prove them wrong. the Bills are in striking distance of taking the lead....and at least 4 SB wins would be sweet! if i did my research correctly the following is the number of times each team has won the division; from AFL to present: Miami - 14 Boston/NE - 14 Buffalo - 10 NY - 4 Baltimore - 4 Houston - 4 Indianapolis - 2
  21. for maximum comedic affect, this is where this thread should end
  22. special teams will progressively improve, offense will surprise and the defense will be smothering. 12 - 4 overall (5 - 1 pre bye, 7 - 3 post) 4 - 2 division (frying the fish, splitting with the pats and jets) this is my VERY BOLD statement (barring any serious injuries)!
  23. guess i was wrong, it seems that money is a factor and along with the Tim Graham tweet maybe that's why he is speaking up at this time. but still how are they supposed to evaluate Spiller?
  24. Fred has already proven what he can do as the number one back. they have to see what they have in Spiller and the preseason seems to be the logical time to find that out. as far as i know that can only be done by giving him more touches in the PRESEASON (without the benefit of OTAs and extended training camp to boot). unless there is more to this than is being revealed; i don't understand Fred's complaining especially at this time (it's not about the money). where did he get the impression he would not be the number one when the season starts for real? i don't want to loose any respect for him.
  25. i hated to see Lee go but it was the right move on two accounts: 1- Lee gets to go to a contender (i would have been disappointed for him if he went anywhere less) and 2- it does light a fire under the other WRs to step up. if i recall correctly Lee and Roscoe are the shortest of our WRs as well as the fastest, 4.33 and 4.37 respectively. it's hard for me to see Roscoe being able to stretch the field because of his lack of weight (168), Lee was at a respectable and strong197. but the rest of the WRs are all 6 foot plus and weighing from 182 (Huggins) to 225 (Hubbard), the fastest of them being: Davis (4.37 same as Roscoe but at 6'1" and 200#s), Easley (4.39 at 6'2" and 216#s) and the rest clocking in from 4.45 (Aiken) to 4.60 (Roosevelt). granted Lee ran a 4.33 but he is 30 years of age, even Roscoe is 29, the rest are all under 26 years of age (i could be wrong though but they are still younger than both Lee and Roscoe). under those circumstances the trade makes perfect sense; obviously i am not an NFL coach or GM but i agree that it protects and encourages the remaining WRs. the only thing that will be left to be determined is the 4th round pick. this is season number two under the current regime and it is silly to jump off a cliff at this time; they ARE doing what they have to and it is obvious to me that they want to win desperately.
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