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  1. Yes this is part of the arguable statement Chaisson was also considered a raw and an unfinished product similar to the 2021 DE class, he played only 9 more games in college than Rousseau, both were developmental propects Chaisson played well against higher level tackles, Rousseau played against lesser talent Rousseau would have been riding in the draft with the hype of his 15.5 sack season of production Chaisson rode in on strong play in the big games and college football playoff run Rousseau was considered at that time to be a potential top 10 prospect to watch in the upcoming season prior to his opt out Both were leaders and had good character Both had some of the accompanying boom or bust chatter for Chaisson it was that his production did not match his talent for Rousseau it was that he lucked into his production or that his production came playing against weak talent Yes he could have been selected at #20 ahead of Chaisson And if Chaisson was still selected at 20 then Rousseau would be the next DE off the board and gets drafted earlier than 30 as he did in the 2021 draft
  2. Say in retrospect we had the foresight of an altered college season & opt-outs allowing Greg to be 'eligible' and declare for 2020 draft We can agree that Chase is #1 DE @ 1-2-2 to WFT But the rest of the DE class required 'development' or had question marks like the 2021 class Based on the Bills 2021 draft selection Rousseau's floor would be pick 2-22-54 1-2-2 Chase Young Ohio State ------- 1-20-20 K'Lavon Chaisson LSU 2-6-38 Yetor Gross Matos Penn State 2-16-48 Darrell Taylor Tennessee 2-22-54 AJ Epenesa Iowa ------- 3-15-79 Jabari Zuniga Florida Jacksonville selects Groot at 20 What if Basham was also eligible in 2020 and thrown in the mix just for fun? Would the Bills still choose AJ over Boogie at 2-22-54?
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