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  1. Yep, this is where I’m at. If you can’t stop Cinci with White, Poyer, Elam, Milano, Edmunds, then we aren’t going to do it with another CB drafted in the 1st. If this draft isn’t a star WR and an oline smorgasbord then Beane needs fired.
  2. And it’s precisely why we won’t win a super bowl until we can control the games at will. We had no answer for Cinci’s attack. White is obviously not White. We have no money to spend this offseason, so our only chance is to outshoot opponents next year. We should be drafting 3 Olinemen and a good WR, if not Beane needs to be fired.
  3. Honestly, this team has been weak and not many people wanted to admit it. We get pushed around when facing good teams. We need major Oline investments and another WR weapon for Allen. That is where I would dedicate all my resources this year. Let Miller and Hyde regroup and roll with the loss of either Edmunds/Poyer.
  4. We are filled to the cap space brim. All that money spent on defense just to roll over when it matters. White is not White, hopefully he returns to form next year or we are in trouble. Elam and Benford aren’t going to win us a super bowl. Might as well go all out in the draft for offensive power weapons to out shoot teams while Miller and Hyde heal up and Groot continues to progress. We need a star WR opposite of Diggs, if Diggs goes down, we are in serious trouble. We need to Oline help. If it was my call, I would not draft a single defensive player in the upcoming draft even if we can’t re-sign Edmunds/Poyer. It should be more weapons and protection for Allen.
  5. Hopefully Cyrus is there from Florida when we pick. He plays with a mean streak. If our first round pick is anything other than WR or C/OG I’m going to be mad.
  6. Well all the wife’s would probably love this idea, geolocation.
  7. We don’t need a safety in the 1st. There are a ton of very good safeties in this draft class that can be had in the 3-5th rounds. Trey Dean (UF), Hicks (Cinci), Jay Ward (LSU). If we must bag a better quality one, there is Brandon Joseph (ND), Brown (PSU), Battle (Bama), Skinner (BSU) who can be had in day 2. This draft is loaded with great safety talent, no need to take 1 in the 1st round.
  8. I usually make halftime adjustments too. Slow it down, switch it up, otherwise at risk of being blown out. Gotta finish.
  9. Well you are never out, so I can see why you would think it’s speculative regardless.
  10. It’s always better being in than out. In and out in and out.
  11. White is a shadow of himself and we desperately need another good WR.
  12. The stadium will be equipped with wind turbines on top that doesn’t turn. The wind gets frustrated and just stops blowing.
  13. I feel like we lost the rendering playoffs as badly as TCU.
  14. Well I dunno where you got that thing, but I’m impounding it.
  15. But we already know how a few players feel about us. We are just little people with little jobs. Not that they care that it literally takes some people a day or 2 of labor just to come support their career and a way for them to provide for their families.
  16. No, I’m being genuine here. Nobody wants to talk about the big picture. Frankly not many people care about it.
  17. I guess the plight of the poor is funny, oh well. I guess nobody cares.
  18. The city of Buffalo and surrounding areas depend on the Bills to play. The tax payers are too involved. The Bills need to do the right thing and play the game, even if that means losing 64-0. You are not looking at this through the lens of the community. Buffalo is already a struggling economic location, it doesn’t need more pain.
  19. I’m not really arguing against you. Just simply stating options. I personally don’t think it’s fair to Americans that depend on the games for a forfeit. The game should be played no matter what. If that means finding 22 people off the street to suit up for a match until the team feels mentally prepared, so be it. We can’t expect others to suffer in the process of their grievances. I personally would still go watch the game, even if it meant 22 untalented Joe’s scrambling around. The game must be played. That doesn’t mean, our current players have to play, if they don’t want to, they can sit out, but the game will be played no matter what.
  20. That’s true though, nobody has to do anything. We can all go to the basement or go for a walk and just wallow around. If certain players need time to grieve, that’s fine, they can sit at home, if the whole team needs time to grieve, that’s fine, they can stay home, but life is going to keep going on, and it’s only fair to the rest of the league that if we are unwilling to field a team for the game, that we forfeit and deal with the repercussions that come with that choice.
  21. We can all quit our jobs tomorrow. The NFL could come out with a statement saying the season is canceled. Life is still going to keep going, and Hamlin’s condition will be the same dependent on medical intervention, just as it would if the season wasn’t canceled. I’m not understanding the purpose of this. What does it accomplish?
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