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  1. Will you watch? Outside of the NFL draft, I hate the offseason. I’m always in a football famine by the time camp rolls around. I will more than likely root for the Pittsburgh Maulers, to bad Buffalo doesn’t have a team.
  2. Josh still doesn’t have this pretty deep ball connection yet. Seems like Josh always throws long and out of reach. https://youtu.be/77ZIkSOQZ3U
  3. I don’t want to dock Dawkins pay, just slide him inside. If Dawkins views getting paid the same but being a LG as a demotion, then that’s a Dawkins problem. We need help at LG and I think Dawkins would play well there. Either that or take Green with our first round pick if he is available.
  4. I mean I do share some concern with Indy (Taylor) and Tenn (healthy Henry). But a lethal Mahomes +Kelce/Hill is more dangerous imo. If KC ever manages to draft a RB like Taylor, I’m not sure they are beatable. We lack to many pieces to compete with that. Not saying we couldn’t someday compete with that kind of threat, but we still need a lot of help.
  5. I’m still more afraid of the Chiefs out of anyone. Especially without Tre. At some point a legitimate QB is going to test our secondary.
  6. If people have talent left in the tank, there will always be another team. Look at Gordon.
  7. I believe it, upper management does some absolute bs sometimes to their employees. Still no excuse to go postal, but this is why I don’t blame players from getting all the guaranteed money they can because of bs like this.
  8. I got murdered in here for suggesting Dawkins to LG. I think he would play well there and we need help there. I would be all for drafting Penning and putting Dawkins inside. While I agree that normally putting a 6’8 or a 6’9 guy inside wouldn’t be a good idea, but Allen is tall at 6’5 and I feel like he could manage it.
  9. So they say, but honestly if you are good you are good and can play at any height. Ike is 6’5 or 6’6 and does just fine.
  10. I honestly really hope we draft Faalele. He moves so well for how big he is. Him at RG next to Brown would be amazing.
  11. Wide right in a super bowl ending. Pretty sure no other super bowl was decided by a wide right miss.
  12. In what universe is Metcalf and Lockett a mediocre roster? If Allen had Metcalf or Lockett as a #2 it’s over and we are instant super bowl favorites. If Russ can’t make it in Seattle, he isn’t going to make it anywhere else with the exception of maybe Tampa.
  13. Not only is Faalele a monster, he has excellent feet and once he locks on to you, it’s over. It’s precisely what we need.
  14. Companies are not doing enough in terms of externalities. They design a product and don’t care where it ends up. There is no “away” . Plastics ends up in bodies of water, pollution runoff via air or land. The problem is, even if you tax or regulate businesses, they will roll the costs onto the consumer. Our whole systems need critiquing, but that is frowned upon by a lot of people. Even saying things like consume less will get you labeled a commie.
  15. Consuming less isn’t promoted because it hurts how our economic system operates. Businesses need sales and they need a throw away society to perpetuate said sales. Nothing last anymore, refrigerators and many things used to last 30+ years. I fully understand I’m (we) all contribute to the problems. The problems won’t go away until we all sit down and try and find solutions. Nuclear fusion is a big step into helping things out. It’s the most efficient energy form and it’s cleaner than fission and can run on elements that we have hundreds of thousands of years worth of supplies. Things will change because they have to change. Necessity is the mother of all inventions.
  16. Nuclear fusion is potentially the key to humankind’s future. But we are likely at least another 30 years away from it even remotely coming online in any meaningful way.
  17. Im not saying EVs are “super green” . Nothing is super green, however factoring in everything, EVs are technically the “cleanest” technology we have. I don’t think we have much of a choice, EVs are going to be the predominant form of transportation because it has to be. We need to save what oil/gas we have left for things that are not easy to replicate (asphalt, plastics, etc). I’ve worked in the gas industry I’ve also worked in the renewables industry. Energy is not free, there is some form of pollution with every type. What we do know is oil/gas reserves (both proven and TRR) have limits and the world’s consumption rates are not sustainable without new forms of energy. I’m sure nuclear will make a comeback, but they need to figure out how to process or dispose all that waste as well. Nobody wants another love canal.
  18. Not sure why people are against EVs anyways. Even if it wasn’t for the environmental side of things. There is only enough oil/gas for about 120 years given current rates of consumption around the world. Fossil fuels are not infinite. The costs of recovery are increasing due to deeper formations. All the easy oil and gas is gone. This country would be smart to transition to EVs ASAP, and keep the oil and gas that we do have left in strategic reserves. Because we are going to need it for future asphalt, plastics, etc as an emergency.
  19. Elon has already stated he wants to transition away from cobalt used in the cathode. At the very least away from Congo cobalt. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2020/9/22/21451670/tesla-cobalt-free-cathodes-mining-battery-nickel-ev-cost
  20. Most of lithium mining is surface mining. Usually desert salt flats.
  21. Not necessarily. EVs, from cradle to grave still have a lower footprint, even if powered by coal generated electricity. This is due to the greater efficiencies of electric generation/transmission and electric motors. Lithium mining still polluted less than hydrofractured oil/gas. MIT and others have already make very good calculations on this. EVs are the cleanest, especially if they are powered by solar and renewables. Most of the batteries are able to be recycled and the majority of the metals are recoverable.
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