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  1. Jacksonville should actually start a jaguar and name it Duval.
  2. Does he have to have 2 feet in bounds or all 4?
  3. A large octopus wouldn’t have very many missed tackles. Just need to have a tank of water nearby between plays.
  4. I seriously wonder if someone could train an elephant to catch a football with its trunk. Good luck trying to tackle it lol That was the point. A break in the football lull. We have all discussed football all day non stop. It was a thread to bring a few laughs. There are hundreds of draft related threads available. Don’t take life so seriously all the time.
  5. Fast hands, needs to improve on footwork.
  6. Michael Strahan, meet Michael Strachan
  7. Allen: Blue 42, setttt ohhh come on man
  8. Yep. Would like to see Bobby Brown or Shelvin to compete against Star.
  9. A lot of good DTs left, but we don’t have a 4th unfortunately.
  10. Now that’s what I call a mauling run game.
  11. I swear Buddy Nix was a walking talking Foghorn Leghorn. Well they can paint. I’m sure our training staff is currently looking into it. Just a swipe of the trunk and Lawrence Guy would be tossed to the side.
  12. Well the NFL already had the first walrus as a coach.
  13. Well we had Buddy Nix, does that count? Lol
  14. Not to mention all the random personal fouls, like actually ripping face masks off.
  15. Lmao a fullback rhino. I would feel bad for Milano. Giraffe goes for a post in the corner of the endzone. Good luck with that Tre.
  16. It was meant to bring some laughs. This is not a serious thread. Can you image trying to tackle a cheetah lol Haha 😂
  17. Ok, so I’m in a funny mood right now and just out of morbid curiosity, I wanted to get a few laughs in here. We all know Beane is a wizard, so what if he trained a cheetah or a silverback gorilla to catch a football and run towards the end zone , would it theoretically be allowed? Is there any NFL rule that says animals are forbidden to play? Lololol I’m sure PETA would protest.
  18. With the 161 pick, the Buffalo Bills select... Duniwayo Tremik , Cheetah
  19. Just incredible. Kid is going to toss defenders around. Rousseau will have a good sparring partner.
  20. When do we get to draft the 7’ 2” WR and tell him to camp in the corner of the end zone lol
  21. Just unreal. Almost unheard of for a big man like that.
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