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  1. So how does punting 1 or 2 times a game and having a kicker that provides mostly touchbacks justification for keeping a non productive RB on a roster over someone who can actually carry the ball?
  2. Well I will either be right or this will be going into the what was your worst take thread lol
  3. He scored another TD I think. Seems like that’s what he’s good at. We need more of that.
  4. Yes we punt once or twice a game and Bass smashes them in the back of the end zone. Lol
  5. If Spiller was on this team right now, he’d be a 1k runner. He’d be our best back. I can only imagine the wreckage Jackson would do on this team. Singletary and Moss are garbage.
  6. Im just saying if we could manage to find Spiller a role with his subpar blocking, we could find a role for Wade. The one thing going for Gailey was his ability to get Spiller in space. Wade is good in space.
  7. I doubt Wade would be any worse than Spiller at blocking.
  8. We pigeonhole McKenzie all the time, it doesn’t matter that teams know it’s coming. Same with Wade. They will find ways because they are good in the open field.
  9. Spiller was good when utilized properly. It was not a good draft pick for where he was taken, but he had talent. That’s fine though, we can let Moss be the featured back that blocks, but Wade can still contribute without blocking. Let him get carries on some 1st downs where he doesn’t necessarily have to block on plays. It’s not just one long run though, he did it against Carolina to on a dump down pass. He ran through 3 defenders. He made a blunder by not using his blockers or otherwise he’d have another TD. He doesn’t have to pick up a blitz if you design a play for him on 1st do
  10. Which is fine though. We can still utilize Wades open field abilities without having to block most of the time. We managed with Spiller, and Wade doesn’t have to be a featured back for him to contribute a decent amount to this offense.
  11. Singletary was already a snail. As long as he finds the end zone I don’t care.
  12. Well Breida is good. I think he’s better than Singletary and Moss. If Wade does earn a roster spot, it will either be Singletary, Moss, or Taiwan’s. If Wade has learned blocking sufficiently, then I hope we try and trade Singletary.
  13. So since people here don’t have any faith in Wade, I will ask this question then. What does he have to do this preseason to earn a roster spot?
  14. Maybe he doesn’t make the team. But I have a really good feeling about this off-season and preseason. I think this is the year he starts flashing enough to warrant consideration.
  15. You guys just irrationally hate this guy and I don’t get it. I honestly hope he plays so well this preseason that he makes the team, just to watch people squirm around.
  16. People are irrationally down on Wade, for no good reason. It’s obvious to anyone with a football talent eye that Wade is one of our best runners.
  17. I would use Wade as a speciality back. He would be strictly a 1st down back that could be used in screens and space. Just let him rip off yardage. It’s what he does best. Just look at the Carolina pass and how he moves in space. It’s electric. That’s worth having him as RB 3 or 4 to me if that means cutting Taiwan. McDermott is super conservative, so it’s not really a surprise he doesn’t find a way to utilize Wade’s talent at the expense of a special teamer.
  18. This is also a fair assessment. My thing is with Wade, is he is a home run threat anytime he touches the ball. If I want to win maximum games, I want players who can score anywhere on the field. For that alone, I would have Wade on the roster. He doesn’t have to start to be of use. He is totally worth a roster spot if he comes in 4 or 5 times a game on 1st downs if he rips of 15+ yards a pass or carry. Just look what he does in the open field vs Indy or Car. Just swing him in space. We have plenty of other players on this team that can be used for blocking or special teams. We haven’t had a ho
  19. Then why bring on Wade in the first place? If you don’t plan on using him, just release him. If I was an OC, I’d love to have a player like Wade on my roster. That’s because I know how to use talent like that.
  20. It’s his style of running. The vision, the speed, it’s fluid, It’s impressive. I don’t even care if he doesn’t know how to block. I’d swing him out wide on 1st downs when we need to rip off huge yards to open us up.
  21. This is a very fair assessment. I just think Wade is going to just blow up the off-season this year. It’s my opinion. He was robbed of valuable playing time last preseason with the virus issues, but this year he will be able to showcase more of that explosive speed and vision. If Wade doesn’t make the team either this year or next, I will be very surprised. Exactly. Wade has that vision and speed combo I look for. Singletary and Moss are snails compared to Wade. Breida is very similar to Wade, so that camp battle will be interesting. I can’t wait until Wade shuts up all the
  22. Lol stupid auto correct. Nuances. But yeah they are nuisance in the run game lol
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