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  1. I think Norman needs to work on his conditioning. 😊
  2. Not trolling and thanks but I'll choose to continue to give my opinion despite the embarrassment. He could be in better shape and it is obvious. You might think it doesn't matter but I doubt there is an athlete that will tell their performance isn't at least a bit better when they are in peak physical condition. I love Josh Allen and think he is going to be very good if not great, but I feel like he has a step to take in his conditioning.
  3. Or it's just harder to detect through pictures posted online.
  4. You mean the guy who became lengendary for his diet and training and credits that for his unprecedented longevity and success in the league? Nice example. Also Brady has the best pocket awareness and throwing anticipation in the histroy of the league. Allen is not that type of QB>
  5. I'm not joking. He is not in great shape. He is in decent shape for an athlete but not even really that good of shape. If he is going to be a QB who relies on escapability and running ability, he would be better if he took his training and diet to the next level.
  6. His sports diet specialist is telling him to keep a steady diet of cheap beer and chicken wings? Also toning up does not mean adding muscle mass. It means dropping the 10-15 lbs of unnecessary fat he is carrying. He might want to add anoth 5-10 lbs of muscle after that which I don't think would hurt his movement. IMO he does not appear to be in the shape he needs to be in to achieve optimal performanc eon the football field.
  7. I wish Josh would put down the beer and the chicken wings for a few years. He could definitely tone up a bit and it would make him stronger and faster. Could make a big difference on some plays.
  8. I would make him the highest paid receiver in the league but for 2-3 years.
  9. I have to agree. I don't see much of a downside in signing him. He is likely to be on his best behavior and the team is such a tight nit group already, I doubt anything AB does is going to distrupt that. Like you said, first hint of trouble and he is gone. He would be kind of like a mercenary that the team knows they can dispose of if he becomes more trouble than he's worth. Also I think this team has a chip on their shoulder. If the think AB can help them get them to the Super Bowl or win the Super Bowl, I think almost the entire locker room would be willing to take the risk, maybe not Robert Foster.
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