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  1. Only way Tom leaves for another team is if he decides he’s won enough championships at a discount, and wants one huge pay day from a team hoping for a quick Trophy... I don’t think at his age he would stand much of a chance away from the Pats, but he certainly would get the largest, fully guaranteed 3 year deal in NFL History, if he wants it. Maybe if a team hires his McDaniels as Head Coach, then maybe I could see him jumping ship... but he’s certainly in uncharted waters approaching free agency at his age. It’s just hard to truly envision him actually walking away from the dynasty willingly for anything other than retirement.
  2. C+ as of right now, but that’s written in pencil, not ink. He’s done some things I like, red zone efficiency is great, and Josh seems comfortable in the offense more often than not and has JA sitting on a nice completion %. You can tell he is trying to limit the “risk taking” tendencies, realizing he has a top notch defense has their back if they don’t put up 30... or 20... Utilizes presnap motion, which I had just assumed was outlawed in western NY prior to Daboll’s arrival. I would like to see more of a commitment to the run game, with more touches to Singletary and less for our QB. I think they are getting great value and productivity out of Gore, and he is being properly utilized but Singletary needs more time to shine. I understand the injury so this commentary is strictly for the 3 games he’s been in. Yesterday specifically it seemed this Bills team could run at will, but as others have mentioned, he would get away from what’s working. That said, Knox’s wide open drop, Josh missing on those deep balls, some of his grade could be reflecting a lack of execution, but he’s the coach and it’s part of the job to get these guys mentally prepped, and ready to execute Monday through Saturday, so when Sunday’s roll around they’re firing on all cylinders and not sitting on a pile of missed opportunities.
  3. Apparently Matt Milano is the glue... this is sofa king embarrassing
  4. Probably because it was the biggest line for Buffalo this decade... a foolish one, but it set unrealistic expectations for a young team with a lot of close wins vs bad teams. I seriously hope they draft a QB next year, could just be a flyer later on, but down waste this team trying to develop a kid with all the physical tools but clearly is not seeing the field. He has all day back there at times, He doesn’t throw WRs open, and what good is the strongest arm in the NFL when you can’t connect a deep ball?
  5. If this defense could do one thing better, it’s create turnovers... told everybody that penciling in a W is stupid, almost as stupid as a 17 point line favoring the Buffalo Bills in any game. Not saying they won’t win, but they have to play better if they are going to...
  6. Maybe they can leave him in Buffalo? Upgrade over Yeldon, would provide great depth at RB, considering Gore’s age and Singletary already suffering a soft tissue injury that cost him weeks, he likely sees a decent volume at some point, I would inquire if I were Beane.
  7. Then they wouldn’t be in the league, period. They would’ve been in the XFL draft last night. You’re discrediting just how hard it is to make it on any 53 man roster and how talented an individual must be to simply play in the NFL. Love the internet snark btw, super cool...
  8. People acting like the Dolphins aren’t still 53 players capable of competing at the NFL level, with a QB who knows exactly what to expect playing at the Ralph... I think the point spread is crazy when you look at Buffalo’s avg margin of victory against bad teams. They don’t need John Brown? Maybe, maybe not but acting all overly confident that they’ll pull of the win with a dinosaur at RB and no #1 WR is kind of ignorant, this is the NFL, any given Sunday. Especially when you’ve been squeaking out close wins against bad teams...
  9. No that was the very poorly planned AAF. McMahon and his team have really got their ducks in a row this go around for the XFL, in my opinion. TV deals, and they are properly financed. He also has a terrible track record of any non-WWE business operation, but if XFL fails this time, it’s not for lack of effort on his part.
  10. I’ve said repeatedly that Vince and the XFL’s only chance is to indeed go after the blue chip, 4-5 star recruits and offer them guaranteed money since the NCAA isn’t trying to pony up. $250K per year versus playing a few years at a college that you don’t intend to graduate from and isn’t paying you a dime? Luck can’t come out and say as much because it would be seen as drawing a line in the sand and going to war with the NCAA, but there’s no way Vince isn’t looking at that this as his edge in legitimizing his league. Especially with all the controversy over the last couple years about whether or not college athletes should be compensated monetarily. If they don’t go this route they are destined to repeat the same fate as before because nobody wants to see a bunch of guys that weren’t good enough to crack the final 53 anywhere in the NFL, but you start getting some legitimate Heisman calibre players, early round NFL prospects and suddenly the league is worth watching.
  11. Yeah, I hear this is exactly what women have been waiting for- to be chased around by overgrown men with Russian Olympic team levels of testosterone, who are getting paid millions to grope them in a full contact sport. Sounds more like MeToo Hand Touch.
  12. Fixed it... I imagine Fitz will be there as well next season on his tour of the league
  13. Losman, Trent, McCarron, Peterman, EJ, now Zay... when the Bills flush, does it just go to Oakland?
  14. Considering he contributes nothing to the roster, I would’ve taken a 5th in 3051...
  15. Keeper with MORE than a yard, foh with that Daboll...
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