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  1. In all fairness it’s not like Arizona couldn’t take the leap to Super Bowl contender if Murray continues to progress and they add the right pieces through the draft. Missed the playoffs by one game and could definitely win the division, especially if Russ gets traded.
  2. I wouldn’t automatically assume Milano is gone. There’s going to be a lot of FA’s looking for big $ that’s not going to be there with the lower cap # for the 21-22 season. I expect to see more one year/short term deals than normal with guys betting on themselves to get that big deal the following season.
  3. If he doesn’t possess breakaway speed then I wouldn’t spend a top pick on him. We need a little Al Davis mentality with this draft and off season in that increasing speed on both sides of the ball is a necessity to overcome the KC hump. Better use of the player personnel in big spots however is still required to make the whole thing work- I.e getting your fast guys like McKenzie on the field instead of hobbled WR’s in the AFC championship. McKenzie just felt very under utilized to me throughout the entire post season.
  4. I could see the Saints throwing their hat into one of these QB trade situations. After whatever drama was going on with Michael Thomas, package him with a 1st, next years 1st and some extra draft capital, plus another salary or two they need to get off the books. Wouldn’t surprise me, Payton isn’t going to want to oversee some long rebuild.
  5. If I can deal a late 1st for a proven talent, in his prime on a favorable contract (Diggs), then I’d do it 10x out of 10... Matt Stafford however is none of those, that was a ridiculous trade by the Rams who remind me of some noob playing franchise mode in Madden. The late 1st is basically the same talent level as the 2nd round in most drafts except at a way higher contract (on the plus side if you hit, you get that 5th year option). If I’m Beane, and I can’t deal that pick for a proven edge rusher or LB, or another “impact player”, then I atleast try to trade down into the top of
  6. I was really high on Singletary after his rookie year, but idk if it’s a confidence issue or what since Daboll and the staff showed no faith in him. Whatever the case I can’t see them bringing back a guy they showed zero trust in being able to lead the backfield in the biggest games of the year. When he got opportunities this year he definitely underwhelmed.
  7. Hopefully Frazier gets the Texans job. While I appreciate what he has done in his time here, this defense needs to get more aggressive, and Beane could definitely use some extra 3rd round picks. Move on from Smoke, Murphy, hopefully Star, and maybe some of those other pieces that didn't really work out as well as we'd hoped, use that cap and find some premium DL/Edge Rushing free agents looking to win a championship.
  8. I think Brown is definitely gone next year, they can spend that cap better elsewhere, I expect Davis to continue improving as well and the teams passing offense actually looked better when Brown was out.
  9. I didn’t like it at first, but then started looking at is as how the Mafia is always referred to as “the family”, and the whole “this thing of ours” sentiment just seems to be a perfect fit for our particular fan base.
  10. What I don’t get is people acting like the snow isn’t an advantage when one QB has played in Wyoming and now Buffalo vs the other guy who hasn’t played a snap in snow and is from South Florida? One QB has the velocity to cut through the elements and still pass effectively through inclement weather, and when runs, runs with a much more downhill style... the other QB is a mediocre passer at best, and his running game relies on pure foot speed and quick cuts. In what way does snow not benefit this Bills team? It makes Baltimore even more one dimensional and I
  11. LOL @ the Saints being over 70% to beat Tom Brady (who is now clicking with his THREE all pro caliber WRs) for a third time in one season, at what amounts to a neutral site. Not happening. Time for the Saints to atone, they are done.
  12. Am I crazy to think the best way to beat Lamar is to only rush 3-4, rarely blitz, don’t let it turn into school yard ball where once he escapes the pressure he runs for 20-50 yards? Clog up the middle of the field, instead of blitzing use Milano/Edmunds or a safety to spy Lamar. I’d be stuffing that box all day, daring him to beat the secondary deep and outside.
  13. Would obviously rather lose Frazier than Daboll if one had to choose since McDermott could assume a large role on the Defensive side if needed while bringing a new DC up to speed on The Process.
  14. Williams. Akers is balling as a rookie RB, Taylor had a good day today. As long as they are comfortable with his ball security then I see no reason not to play the rookie. Fresh legs, looked good in his only showing, give him a go.
  15. McDermott getting out coached in the playoffs, again... I really don’t want a hue jackson
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