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  1. Might as well put a cone out there instead of Whiffensberry… much more cost effective.
  2. Defense sans Tre, Hyde, Edmunds, Miller, Rousseau, Epenesa, and Elam… legit more than half of the defensive starters and 3/4 of the edge rush. Yeah, WTH Frazier! Quit getting this team within a miracle 4th and 18, and some errant Josh Allen throws away from being undefeated, even if your defense has been the definition of the walking wounded almost the entirety of this season. Apparently winning doesn’t cure everything, it just brings out the whiners… Look at the 3 losses- Josh, Bass had numerous chances to put the Fish away, defense gave up how many to the high powered Tuna offense? Jets, that L is on Josh and careless redzone turnovers… Vikings, arguably the worst performance by the defense, but again, Cam Lewis just knocks that down or the most routine play in the game, THE SNAP, doesn’t get fumbled, and that’s a W. I don’t see any losses that fall on Frazier’s shoulders, and I’m not even a huge fan of the guy, I wish our defense would play a bit more aggressive but it’s hard to argue with results that should be at worst 10-1 based solely on the play of his unit.
  3. Can the team recoup some of his guaranteed money if he’s deemed physically healthy to return, but just won’t/can’t for his own personal reasons? Not advocating for that, just wondering if Beane could put it on the table if come playoff time White still isn’t willing to play ball… One would assume that given modern medicine/sports science, he should be ready to go… However, on the flip side, the players who have come back from ACL’s early this year have been subject to other injuries likely related to rushing back and the whole aspect of “other parts of the body overcompensating” when you aren’t 100% everywhere. JK Dobbins came back from ACL/MCL, they were even cautious with his return, and he’s on IR. Godwin came back blazingly fast, and while appearing healthy now, suffered a hammy that put him out some weeks, even OBJ coming back off the ACL only to tear it again in the Super Bowl, and so many franchises are expecting him to be their ticket to Lombardi Land, including many fans here 🤣… I get how frustrating it is to watch our secondary give games away on 4th and 18 while a seemingly healthy All Pro caliber corner is standing there on the sidelines just taking it all in, but hopefully the patience pays off and when(if?) Tre comes back when it matters most, he can avoid suffering the set backs these other guys have rushing back to the field. At this point you just have to trust the process… The team is still 7-3 with the Division in their hands, KC will drop one or two along the way, and if they don’t, this team has proven multiple times now they can win at Arrowhead, while the Chiefs have proven they can lose big games there. Being healthy down the stretch > home field.
  4. Wow, they leave the laundry in the locker room? I’m sure they’ll find it again once the Bills are back on defense…
  5. And even after being completely outplayed for 28 minutes, they are still in position to go into half with the lead if they pull their collective head out of their asses…
  6. If this team had any other threat at WR that could get separation, they’d be shredding the Browns. Browns clearly are rolling all their coverage to Diggs, he hasn’t even been targeted to my knowledge, meaning any halfway decent receiver should be having a day like they did in Kansas City last year, not dropping gimmes and clearly still failing to get separation.
  7. We better hope OBJ chooses Buffalo somehow and his knee heals at a normal rate, hopefully he didn’t have the same doctors and rehab as whatever Tre has done… tired of the excuses for that clown too. Chris Godwin tore his after Tre and played the whole season. No excuse for Tre to not be out there after having all this extra time. Hopefully he’s traded in the offseason.
  8. Yeah, the opposing defenses are making Gabe Davis routinely drop what would be game changing plays??? Maybe you should keep questioning if you can’t watch things without homer glasses on and clearly have an inability to approach things objectively. This team has no legit weapons behind Diggs, and the Super Bowl favorite Buffalo Bills are getting pushed around by a 3-6 football team and currently on pace for a 3 game skid. Get a grip? Yeah, keep burying your head in the sand and acting like this team is playing winning football right now…
  9. This… I mean how many times has Morse snapped the football to Allen??? I couldn’t even fathom what the actual number is, all the practices, and they pick that moment to somehow fudge it up??? It doesn’t even make sense and it’s just something that shouldn’t happen between two players getting paid an obscene amount of money to play the game at this level. Regardless of McDermott’s glaring in game coaching deficiencies, if Josh just doesn’t make some really stupid mistakes, this game is an easy W. I don’t care if he’s the reason the team was in position to W, when he’s also the reason they lost, that’s not what you’re paying a quarter billion $ for. The fact that he literally gave the Vikings the go ahead score, these interceptions he’s throwing are also huge swings that cost the last two games. These aren’t even. 50/50 balls, these are 100% right to the defender on atleast three occasions… So internal this or that, sure, whatever, but that’s not the main issue, that’s not what’s causing Josh Allen make some of the worst plays he’s made in a Bills uniform over the last few weeks.
  10. He just seems stubborn out there at times, refusing to settle for what the defense is giving him. Purely speculation obviously, but you have to wonder if he’s kinda started buying into his own hype and lost a little bit of that fire and focus which helped transform him from that raw rookie prospect into a generational talent. Seems to me like he’s out there just slinging it around playing “hero ball” and deviating from the cerebral level of play we saw in the first quarter of the season. He came out looking like he had a Manning/Brady-esque command over the offense to start the season, and his decision making reflected that. Now he’s back to looking Favrian, and that’s fun and all sometimes, but it leads to finishes like we saw on Sunday…
  11. John Harbaugh? The guy who got to the Super Bowl with the original Josh Allen prototype? Yes please… McDermott has plateaued. I mean I don’t think he goes anywhere but if the bleeding doesn’t stop and this season falls severely short of expectations? I like think a fiery coach like Harbaugh, who’s shown he can get to the Super Bowl, would be an excellent pairing for 17.
  12. This game might actually just have put me off actually watching games live… I just don’t enjoy getting THAT upset over anything, and honestly after decades of heartbreak, this old routine can’t be good for the ticker. I’ll still follow, record the games and maybe watch them back when they aren’t crapping the bed, but I think the live experience isn’t for me anymore.
  13. Purely speculating, but I think he just gets stubborn bc he’s just so used to having his way with defenses. He needs to go back to the cerebral QB play he was exhibiting in the first quarter of the season, take what’s the defense is giving you. 17 definitely in a little slump, reminds me of the stinker vs the Falcons last year except they were so bad, Buffalo squeaked out the W anyway. He then went on to play the best ball of his life when it mattered most after that, so I think everything is correctable, it’s just up to him to not go into “Hero mode” and force things.
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