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  1. "This Netflix thing will never work..." When I was being forced to push it at... Media Play (rip). In my defense it was when they were only renting DVDs by mail, streaming wasn't a thing yet. I was also pretty bullish that Trent was the answer... Annnnnd, I was fairly certain the "glory days" were back after Fitz beat the Pats, with that hot start which lead to the contract extension.
  2. The fact that Josh is THAT much better than Baker isn’t everything but it’s the most important factor as to why they won’t eclipse Buffalo, likely ever. Browns came close to beating Henne... Meanwhile how did they look in their two games vs the Ravens who the Bills completely smothered defensively. In two games vs the Ravens, the Browns gave up 85 points and lost both. The Bills allowed 3 points, the Browns 42.5 per game, so forgive me for thinking this entire argument is a giant steaming pile of garbage basing it on the fact they signed an underachi
  3. No, It's about having an elite QB. You don't need THE best QB, but you do need generally a top 5-10 QB to pull it off.... Every now and again a Foles or Flacco comes along, but it's generally not a recipe for sustained success. Even then, still not convinced Mahomes IS better than Josh, he's just sustained that level of play over multiple seasons. Give both QBs Travis Kelce to compliment their #1 WR and then we can talk about who's better. Josh is certainly more durable, much tougher to take down, elusive, more of a dual threat, and literally brings everything to the table Mahome
  4. Is Josh Allen still > than Baker Mayfield by a wide margin??? Then everything else doesn't matter bc top to bottom the rest of their roster isn't that much better than Buffalo's (if it is, apparently OP is one of those crystal ball guys who can see how draft picks will impact year 1, pretty sure he had Gabriel Davis penciled in for contributing 7 TD catches year 1, right???), and the QB position as pointed out by everybody else is THAT much more important than every other position. It's pretty cool that OP thinks Cleveland's draft picks will automatically make more o
  5. IDK why so many are doubting that Beane will address CB in some capacity. When has he just threw his hands up and said "oh well, let's hope this is good enough"? Every year he brings in proven vets to compete at spots that didn't get addressed through the draft to his liking, this year will be no different. Also, its not a given that Wallace has plateaued, and Johnson is more than solid in the Nickel role. Levi was a UDFA, Taron 5th round, stop sleeping on the mastermind and... trust the process.
  6. Beane likes his freaks. Makes sense when you trust that the right coaching staff is in place. Draft the guys with the physical intangibles you can't teach, and rely on your staff to polish them into diamonds.
  7. Beane really is great at what he does. Pass Rushers are always going to be a premium position in FA, and with the contract Josh has coming to him very soon, this is the best way to address it for the immediate future. Also, they are signing and drafting guys with versatility to play any position along D-Line. AJ, Rousseau, Basham, Obada, and Oliver... Why would they draft offense? They went 13-3, punted the least of any team in the league, where as on the other side of the ball the one problem area was consistently generating pressure on the opposing QB. If Beane ca
  8. Very polarizing pick. It’s like “wrong Josh” all over again, hopefully it plays out similarly. Swing for the fences, sometimes you might strike out, but when you’ve already hit a Josh Allen, you’ve earned the right to keep trying to hit them out of the park.
  9. I’d go DB or Edge if possible at that spot, take the positions who command the most $$$ in FA that way you get the best value out of the 5th year option if the guy is a keeper.
  10. I want to put $100 on Josh but I’m pretty certain I am the real life embodiment of William H Macy’s character in “The Cooler”, soooo I will try to refrain.
  11. I'm guessing we're just going to have to hope Epenesa develops into a legit DE and Odaba is just starting to realize his potential. Those guys could really turn the whole pass rush around.
  12. I must’ve missed it, he wasn’t listed on the injury report for the game and I don’t remember hearing anything about him. I know Smoke was never the same following his injury, Beas and Davis were both severely hampered and Diggs was banged up but I don’t recall seeing or hearing anything about McKittrick. You are probably right, especially on the 19th game of the season, I’m sure nobody is at 100% by then. He had to be better off than Beas and Davis tho who were both actually listed on the injury report.
  13. I still don’t get why he wasn’t utilized at all against KC, especially with the WR corps being banged up. He has proven to be effective when stepping in for Beasley and most importantly brings that much needed element of speed and open field elusiveness. I’m not saying he would’ve tipped the scales in Buffalo’s favor but I think having him be actively involved in the game plan would’ve made more sense than trotting out injured players who couldn’t get any separation. Especially with the pressure Josh was under, McKenzie RAC ability and the short passing game could’ve really helped open thing
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