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  1. Should probably go by seniority, longest season ticket holders get first dibs... The resale prices are going to be insane if it plays out like this.
  2. IF they delay the start of the season, remove fans for the year, hopefully develop some PPE for the players, as well as enforce strict rules during the season as it pertains to players going to mass gatherings that aren’t team related, the season will still be played. IF states simply crackdown on simple things like wearing a mask, social distancing, restrict large group activities, etc., for long enough (and don’t rush to be the first to re-open, Texas), then there is no reason for the rest of the states currently spiking to not to fall to the levels of New York, or better... It truly is bewildering how so many people and states as a whole, chose to politicize a pandemic rather than take heed to the ugly reality of this virus playing out right in there own country as it ravaged NYC. Dangerous times when people prioritize political ideologies over the general health and well being of themselves and most importantly, their fellow person. However those are some big IFs.
  3. Positive infection rates aren’t going to be close to Europe or Canada’s by fall, and honestly that’s where they need to even consider the season going safely. Push the start date back until after Christmas. Weather be damned, no fans in the seats anyway...
  4. Personally i doubt they’re going to be running around Florida with Covid rates rising... besides, they basically have anything they want at their disposal on Disney’s grounds. It’s not like they are in prison, they are staying at 5 star accommodations with plenty of ways to entertain themselves when not focusing on trying to win a championship and earning those far pay checks. my mother’s 30 something year old co worker died from this, and my wife was sick for about 7 weeks, suffering a collapsed lung and heart issues... keep telling yourself whatever narrative helps you get to sleep at night
  5. I would expand on the quarantined back up QB idea. They should consider doubling the size of the practice squad and keep them quarantined for the duration of the season. PS level players would do anything for a crack at the 53, including being quarantined for 4-5 months.
  6. They’ll play a full season or close to it... even if they have to push the start date all the way back to January, the league would take a heavy delay before losing out on a years worth of revenue.
  7. Not back then... it was when they had the hideous navy blue unis
  8. I once wore a Red Sox hat to a Bills game... some a hole tried to grab the hat off my head and tell me “you can’t wear a Red Sox hat to a Bills game!” I was just puzzled... I told him I didn’t think the Bills were playing the Red Sox that day, besides it’s Red White and Blue with a B on it, pretend it means Bills and stfu. Sue me for trying to keep my favorite teams color coordinated...
  9. Let’s cancel every person who has said something stupid, insensitive, out of touch, or just down right offensive at any point in their lives... Thanos snap everybody out of existence who has ever said anything offensive in private conversation, and I guarantee we lose a whole lot more than 50% of the world’s population.
  10. So glad this team hasn’t caved in to “needing a new stadium”. With all this “new normal” propaganda being put in our face 24/7, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a reduction in fans allowed inside stadiums for the foreseeable future. So much remains unknown going forward, a vaccine certainly is not a given to be developed, nor necessarily be all that effective (I.e. seasonal flu vaccines). I’m starting to wonder if the league will eventually move to a pay per view/subscription based model to make up for lost attendance revenue.
  11. Oh snap, sick burn. Gonna need some aloe for that one...
  12. White knight, another lame played out buzzword. You think it’s cool to shame people for trying to be funny. You called his stuff an abortion. I think people like you are the worst kind of people. Call that whatever you want. An easy Mark? Somebody takes their gimmick a little too seriously. Glad you’re having a lot of fun with the thread though...
  13. “Tantrum”, Nice way to try and trivialize a simple point being made. All I’m saying it’s a lot ***** cooler to be kind and not ***** on people for trying to do something. If you don’t like it keep on moving instead of stoping to cop a squat in somebody’s Cheerios. But whatever, you’re clearly oozing elitist snark, so I doubt this zebra is changing its stripes any time soon.
  14. The point is clearly over your head. But you’re obviously too cool for school so I digress. Wouldn’t expect much more from a dude who spends all his time pining over one liners on a football message board under the guise of total anonymity...
  15. Bills coaches and players get paid obscene amounts of money. They are openly criticized by the media on a regular basis. This is just a random dude putting himself out there. You’re right that the comments here weren’t that bad other than the “abortion” remark. It just looked like people were starting to pile on, and I just jumped in before this turned into the YouTube comments section. Smart move. With oil being at negative right now Petroleum jelly should start dropping to all time lows. Overworked Fleshlights around the country collectively breath a sigh of relief.
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