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  1. I did not know Dark Mode was a thing until now. Thanks
  2. I'm never EVER going to lose sleep over the Bills having a pick in every round and picking in the 30s every year. The years of me being excited about multiple picks high in the draft are hopefully well behind us. Go Bills
  3. He had a career high in 2019 https://www.nflpenalties.com/player/l-smith-buffalo-bills?year=2019 But regardless of the amount it's fantastic that he has none this year, massive improvement.
  4. I didn't know this ^^ really good to see as he struggled last year with penalties
  5. What a great read, thanks OP. It's obviously going to be a tough slobberknocker of a game but there is a clear path to victory here, if things go a certain way. As you point out the Ravens are playing with fire if they continue to Blitz like mad, Josh will make them pay.
  6. If he is 100% then play him now, it would be good to get him some playing time and into a rhythm before the playoffs. But availability is the most important
  7. It isn't in my eyes. McDermott values players "earning their place" they had just come off two good wins against Seattle and Pats without Morse in the lineup. They decided to go with the continuity and rewarding the players who played in his absence plus the added bonus of resting Morse before the bye week. Morse will be starting on Sunday.
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