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  1. Yes, the quarterbacks reported and were tested and sent home. No one is allowed in the team facility without two negative tests 72 hours apart. The rookies were tested Tuesday, self-quarantined for two days and then are back today for tests. If the results are negative, they are allowed in the facility for conditioning. And no practices are allowed until after the 21 day conditioning acclimation period so there are no practices to watch until at least mid-August. The QBs and injured players are back Sunday for testing. Rest of the roster will be tested Tuesday, then two days self-quarantine, and then tests Friday. Here is a story about it, but the info is basically what I outlined. https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills-quarterbacks-players-dealing-with-injuries-get-covid-19-tests/article_4d78b432-cd12-11ea-b136-636748623942.html
  2. We have a free trial so feel free to join us, but the stat is from Next Gen Stats ranking of the average top speed of all the Bills' ball carriers during the season. Next Gen has chips in the players' shoulder pads to measure speed and acceleration on every play on every portion of the field. Thanks, Josh
  3. FWIW, we reached out to Today in Sports because this didn't make that much sense to us, either. One key point, from what we were told, this uses geotags paired with various hashtags. Among the hashtags are negative things about a team. So if Dolphins or Broncos fans in their respective states were using #Bills in a post about how the Bills stink, that counts too for Florida and Colorado. To say this is "favorite" teams seems wrong. It's more like "most talked about" teams, at least that's our view. Josh from TBN Sports
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