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  1. so they beat a garbage eagles squad and a cowboys team that, lets be honest, should be winless. I'm failing to see how this is so much more impressive than ours. SLIGHTLY? Sure, they can have that. BIG WHOOP....The cowboys and eagles are only impressive at this point in brand name and label. thats about it. I get you're just the messenger, but some of what these reporters say to swing narrative just looks silly.
  2. Love Simms. He’s been on the bandwagon since spring of 19. back in august he and Florio we’re talking bills and he said flat out that if Allen had another offseason of progress like he thought he would the ceiling was the Super Bowl title.
  3. So ya. This is really lame. as for the OP... @Zerovoltz has been really wrong about the bills in general over the last 2 seasons, so what’s new? I think the bigger occasion here would be for him to announce anything about this team that’s he’s been accurate on.
  4. i think maybe we just caught fitz on a heater. Thank goodness our offense has finally caught up.
  5. uh. he wasnt even in the red non-contact.... so ya. i'd say he's trending towards playing.
  6. the bolded might make sense if they werent just coming off 10 wins.... apples to oranges IMO.
  7. I’m not on the same page with, Penfield. I believe we can win without them but they just gave up 28 pts and 400+ yds in the full game they were missing both for the duration so citing their cumulative yardage ranking through both games is sort of misleading, correct? it doesn’t take a pro to see the D looked very vulnerable without those 2 key cogs.
  8. havnt said name at all through 2 games.... always a good sign for your LT.
  9. I havnt talked about the old qb since he left. onward and upward.... its pathetic that people still feel the need to bring him up. or make new threads about him before the season starts...... like really pathetic.
  10. Bomani came out with that tweet on sunday that he didnt think Allen had a 300 yd game yet. He didnt even know that Allen had tossed for 300 in week 1....... After completely lambasting him and dedicating a whole segment to a missed pass in week 1. Does it get anymore lazy than that? it literally takes 2 seconds to good the box score before you go on national TV and talk about him. I get why Teddy would take up for him. its something he would do as well.
  11. When are people gonna learn to quit doing this crap.... I remember last year and Dallas fans totally slammed Beasley for ruining his career by heading to Buffalo and then he promptly has a career year and they watch him from home as he's in the playoffs. Same deal all summer with diggs. Silliness
  12. Brandt might be my favorite sports personality right now. Makes every morning fun.... he referred to Allen as "Joshy Knoxville" all offseason. Asserting that he needs to follow Johnny Knoxvilles career path from do any and everything crazy to later in his career when he stepped back and letting the lesser known individuals of the "Jack A**" movies take on the brunt of the craziness and pain. And i'm not gonna give nate any kudos there. The Fumble didnt count so it wasnt part of the actual run IMO.
  13. They blew it dead before it could count as a fumble anyways.
  14. You aren’t wrong. But the bigger point here is that it happens to them all. So it’s dumb when people cherry pick that crap
  15. Brees just airmailed one over a wide open cool. #accuracyissues
  16. Bomani- "If he stops giving the ball away, now we're onto something." ..... you mean the qb that averages LESS than one TO a game since the start of the 2019 season? that qb? Then Foxworth proceeded to rip into him for his 3rd down truck sticking of van noy yesterday. Talk about grasping at straws. He's literally the only person i've seen try and rip on the effort of that play. Thats just a last ditch effort to be right.
  17. Monson is just such a prick.... he just ho hums around the fact that allen has been good. back handed compliments the whole time and then when his feet are finally held to the fire he admits he's played very well and his progression from draft until now has been remarkable....... dude, why cant you just say that to begin with? its so obnoxious.
  18. AMEN...behind darnold and his 180 yds and 1td. behind rivers with his 214 1td 1int.... thats an embarrassingly flawed system.
  19. Rivers and his 214 yds with a td and a pick? GOOD LORD.
  20. We have ourselves a qb. Most of us already knew that coming into the season while you were off squawking about how he never torched the mountain west, and we definitely know it now. but whatever.
  21. This is what my Grandma would call a “Come to Jesus” moment.... an awakening for them.... https://forums.jetnation.com/topic/154249-josh-allen-2435-417-4tds/
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