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  1. K-GunJimKelly12

    Jags RB TJ Yeldon visits Bills

    Yea, why go after a 25 year old dual threat back who has had a success in the league and still has potential to be better. IMO Yeldon is the type of back that could go from a bad offense with a bad QB like Jacksonville, to a team with good offense and QB and have a huge jump statistically. If we get Yeldon and Allen takes a leap, I could see Yeldon having a great year, especially if McCoy really is more done than we think. Also if we land Yeldon, it would allow us to still draft a RB but not have to make it a priority. We can wait for one to come to us in the draft at the right time and not have to overdraft one. If we don't have one fall to us at the right time, no big deal. We fill other holes/add depth this draft and are very well situated to draft a RB in 2020. I can't see why anyone would want to turn the Bills looking at Yeldon into a negative.
  2. K-GunJimKelly12

    Jags RB TJ Yeldon visits Bills

    Yeldon could have a huge year in a good offense, behind a good offensive line. This would be a great get and would even further are ability to go BPA in the draft.
  3. K-GunJimKelly12

    I apologize to you all

    Go Mets. Rooting for the Yankees is a cheap way for Bills/Sabres fans to pretend they have a winning team.
  4. K-GunJimKelly12

    I apologize to you all

    I have always enjoyed your posts and that a Packers fan has found a home on this Bills board. That said, the sincerest apologies come with $ and a comma. Private message me and I'll let you know where you can send the dough.
  5. K-GunJimKelly12

    Draft Metcalf as a CB

    I was thinking we should draft him and put him opposite Hughes at DE.
  6. K-GunJimKelly12

    Robin Lehner on playing in Buffalo & Buffalo Fans

    He's right, but the negativity is a natural reaction to decades of poor management and bottom feeding teams. I actually feel like we kept it together better than most fan based would have for what we have endured as sports fans.
  7. K-GunJimKelly12

    Patriots Insterested In Rosen.

    I thought about this the other day. It just makes to much sense. Rosen sits behind Brady for a year or two and develops with BB and Brady guiding him. Allen, Darnold and Rosen all in the same division. Could be fun.
  8. K-GunJimKelly12

    ESPN NFL Primetime

    How about the fact that in the 90's there was an hour plus post game show for every Sabres game on Empire Sports Network. That show with Mike Robitaille and Brian Blessing was great as well for a local show. Twenty-five years later and the we don't have anything in the same stratosphere. The regression is puzzling.
  9. K-GunJimKelly12

    TxTech-78 UB-58. Congrats on a great season. (Ranked, 32-4 record)

    This is ***** brutal. Can't make a single shot.
  10. If Clay had caught that pass against Miami, I think that would be the clear cut play of the year.
  11. K-GunJimKelly12

    Debbie Downers Empowered By WGR550 Afternoon Drive

    Not only was it the winning TD, it was four 4 TD's in a single game. Believe whatever you want, imo most of the guys at WGR offer no more insight then than the average fan. There are several people on this board who I find far more enlightening and help me understand the game better then anyone on WGR. They are condescending to callers and act like they know more than everyone else because they think reading the advance stats box (which are somewhat subjective) are all encompassing.
  12. K-GunJimKelly12

    What am I missing about Jared Cook?

    I honestly hope so. I think he is the one guy who could be there when the Bills pick, that in 3 years could be the best player at his position in the NFL. We haven't had one of those since Bruce. Hock the one and Kroft as the 2 would be great and could help us run a more dynamic offense. Also Hockenson imo is more a sure thing for an elite pass catching option than any receiver in this draft. The guy even has the built in nickname like Gronk does.
  13. K-GunJimKelly12

    interesting about Matt Paradis

    Just stop. Morse is a very good center and we needed one badly. His contract will in no way impede us in the future in keeping players or signing free agents. Either you are being negative for the sake of it, or don't understand how the cap works.
  14. K-GunJimKelly12

    Debbie Downers Empowered By WGR550 Afternoon Drive

    Okay but much of the WGR staff admit they don't do any research on the subject matter they talk about. White and Sal are really the only on air personalities that aren't going through the motions. I flat out change the station anytime I am listening and Paul Hamilton comes on, I am 100% serious on that. How that guy is still employed is beyond me. I know it's Buffalo and not New York but it would be nice if you could tune in and feel like one of those guys might actually expand your own thought process on sports. There is being a fluffer like John Murphy, which I agree is also hard to listen to, but these guys have a cake job with subject matter that should be easy to research. Most WGR personalities give you their minimum. They could do much better.
  15. K-GunJimKelly12

    Debbie Downers Empowered By WGR550 Afternoon Drive

    Sorry for insulting your son Mrs. White. Last I recall John Elway has a Super Bowl as an executive and while I am a Beane fan, he has done pretty much nothing in the NFL, so this comparison makes you look foolish. You obviously missed the point though. You can be a very good/great athlete without playing in the pros. I can pretty much guarantee you that guys like White, Simon and Schopp, were never better than average (and that is stretching it) at any sport at any level. They are stats nerds that don't understand the nuances of the games they talk about. There is nothing wrong with that unless you act like you know more than everyone else, which they do. Jeremy White for example was on Twitter 3 months ago trying to pick fights Sabres fans by rubbing it on their faces how right he was about the tank. How'd that turn out? The knowledgeable fans on this board and the knowledgeable fans at hockey's future, are far more informed and knowledgeable about football and hockey than the guys at WGR save Sal. It is not close.