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  1. I listen/watch cover 1 and other podcasts on youtube. I pay to not have the commercials. I almost never listen to them anymore because there is just way better stuff available and the packed it in years ago. Plus I really can't do the commercials.
  2. Well I went heavy on Baker in fantasy leagues this year so don't ruin this for me okay.
  3. Wow, huge move by Browns. They just got Baker the best LT in the league.
  4. The Jets are completely different team now. Darnold is a good QB and the Jets as a whole will play better because he is in there. It is hard to get up when you are winless and Luke Faulk is your starting QB. Going from a terrible QB to good/potentially great QB does wonders for a team psyche. Also the Jets are going to play their best game of the season on Monday night. They are at home with the Pats coming in, the Jets and their fans are going to be amped and that will be a tough game for the Pats. Then the Pats play the Browns who they should beat, but the Browns are coming off a bye and are 2-4. If they lost that game their season is over. They also are likely going to play their best game of the season. The coaching advantage is probably enough to make all the difference the Pats need but with an extra week I could see the browns actually coming up with a decent game plan. Also I think Garrett and Chubb will tough for the Pats to handle. The Patriots then go to the Ravens. The Ravens always play the Pats tough and imo, John Harbaugh is the 2nd best coach in the league. Lamar Jackson's speed can be an x-factor for any defense and the Ravens can run the ball as good as anyone. I think the Ravens win this game. Then they go to the Eagles and say what you will about the Eagles, they have their problems but they can put up points. The also are in the NFC and will be fighting for their playoffs lives with every game. The Pats will have a tough game on the road their. Then they get Dallas at home. Should be a win but Dallas is more capable than most teams of pulling that one out. Then they go to Houston. If those two teams played this week, I would put my money on Houston. Then they host the Chiefs. I know the Chiefs have struggled the last couple games but I wouldn't be surprised at all if they win every game until New England. This game is a coin flip. Then the Pats host the Bills in week 16, which is an obvious loss for the Pats.
  5. I'm with the OP on this one. The Pats are not as good as they seem. I could see them finishing 12-4 or even 11-5 despite their 6-0 start. Not out of the question that the Bills could lead the division after the Eagles week.
  6. This could cost Detroit a trip to the playoffs the way the NFC is this year.
  7. I thought the Joker was great. It was a masterful performance by Phoenix. There is one scene that had me squirming in my seat which I don't think I have ever done before. The only negative I have is I saw the twist coming a mile away but the movie is built around the twist like many movies are. This movie is definitely worth seeing.
  8. Good God man. There is a pretty good chance we come out of next week with a two game lead for the 1st wild card spot. Your concern is a bit unwarranted.
  9. They'll trade who I tell them to trade. For I am the Mayor of Albuquerque!!!
  10. You member Lee Evans, I member.
  11. You have given this a lot of thought. I assume the is the final stage of grief, acceptance.
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