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  1. I think Young's peak may have been better than Montana's. Also I wonder sometimes if Dan Marino would have won a ton of rings in this era and been considered the GOAT.
  2. That or maybe one of Rodgers or Favre. Johnny Unitas?
  3. No thanks. I think Whaley did a pretty terrible job here. Even if his draft picks that remain in the NFL are higher than average, I still think his early round misses and the Watkins trade up far out weigh that. Someone else made the point about Whaley's picks but there was no frame of reference as to what it actually meant. If the the person who made that point felt the need to address my issue with it wants to look that up and post it, then that is fine. If he thinks Whaley was a good GM, that is fine too. I have no desire though to try and actively change my own opinion on Whaley.
  4. Before you use that as a stat in favor of Whaley, I'm going to need you to look up the draft history of other GM's during the time Whaley was GM to see how many of the players they drafted are still in the league. Otherwise your Whaley statement has no value.
  5. I think what is broken is Botterill. He has done a very poor job so far. He traded Ryan O'Reilly for basically scraps. A trade that was widely criticized when it was made. The pick they will get for O'Reilly will be close in value to the pick they gave up for in acquiring Skinner. Berglund who retired mid-season and Sobotka were vastly overvalued by Botterill and instead of providing veteran depth like Botterill had expected, the were both net negatives. Sobotka had some the worst advanced stats this past season. Tage Thompson who was about the 5th best prospect in the Blues organization, Thomas, Dunn, etc, I would say is unlikely at this point to develop into a top 6 forward. He may have a hard time sticking in the NHL all together. So you basically gave up one of the top 3 two way centers in the league for a late first round pick and a average prospect. Not a blue chipper at all. That is just terrible asset management. If he was mandated by ownership to make a move before the bonus kicked in that is one thing, and we have a whole other problem we didn't think we would have with the Pegulas at the helm. If there was no mandate, it is hard to have any confidence at all in him going forward. It is an all time bad Sabres trade. Think of it this way, If we don't re-sign Skinner, we basically gave up almost all the value from pick we received in the O'Reilly trade. How does this look: TO Buffalo: 1 year of Jeff Skinner where you don't make the playoffs 29th overall pick in 2019 Thompson Berglung Sobotka To other teams: Ryan O'Reilly 36th overall pick in 2019 3rd round pick in 2020 Cliff Pu Botterill's handling of Skinner was another one. I am always in favor of paying guys right away when you trade for them. Good Gm's do it all the time with guys they trade for and have one year left on their contract. If you go without signing them it is guaranteed that you will pay more in the future. Skinner has been a pretty consistent scorer and we should have got a deal done right away. The market at that time was 7 years, $7 million per for a player of his caliber. That is what Kane got. Botterill waited and waited and couldn't make it happen. Now you are looking at an 8 year $8-9 million deal to keep him. If he walks, it will be a like a mini Briere/Drury and the Sabres will look foolish. If he stays, you just payed an absolute premium to keep him. If Botterill knew he wasn't close to a deal, he should have traded him at the deadline. Teams were giving up firsts this year and we would have had a nice return. Of course Botterill would have been the one negotiating, so maybe we wouldn't have. Then there are the stupid add-ons like we can't trade Matt Hunwick, or we will have to give up more. Seriously WTF was that? Matt freaking Hunwick. Also the insanely stupid Reinhart bridge deal that will end up costing us probably around 2-3 million more in cap space for what were suppose to be the cup window years lmao. If we do re-sign Skinner, you will have to give Reinhart more in two years. I think Botts is in over his head and should have stayed an assistant. I have no confidence in the guy.
  6. Lol, so true. Williams I realize was a dominant college players and has all the things you want to see in a prospect, but he hasn't played a game. There are plenty of guys, even defensive lineman that looked like can't miss superstars when drafted, that ended up not being great and just above average players. Quinnen Williams will probably be great but it is no guarantee.
  7. I think it is refreshing to see a GM call out no talent hacks who call themselves reporters. He is right, they are wrong more often then they are right. Twenty years ago, when you saw a report come out of someone going some free agent going to a certain location, it was true 99.9% of the time. I realize the digital age has changed everything but the fact is, a lot of the time these "reporters" are doing nothing more then speculating.
  8. A lot of people act as if Nsekhe was a run of the mill signing, but from what I have watched and heard about him, he is a good starting tackle in this league. In general, I think people are underestimating his ability.
  9. Can't/won't Vince just have the games on his wrestling streaming app? I haven't watched wrestling since the late 90's but that seems like that could keep them viable.
  10. That is very debatable. It was either him or Foster and I don't care what anyone on this board says, Zay was a good player the second half of last season. He had some really nice TD's and was getting open. I think he's going to have a good season.
  11. Probably has more to do with the fact that he wasn't the best receiver on his college team even with the abs.
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