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  1. The Monk

    Let's give the mods credit for giving all the emojis

  2. The Monk

    Arena Football

    Not a fan of condensed football.
  3. The Monk

    What jerseys do you own?

  4. The Monk

    I miss Rex.

  5. The Monk

    RIP Chuck Knox

    Bon Voyage Chuck RIP
  6. The Monk

    Bills need to contact dez

  7. A Lazy Boy huh? That's got me thinking. Maybe one with heat massage and a lift. Thanks joesixpack for giving me food for thought.
  8. The same, Right in front of my TV in my living room. The perfect place for me on gameday.
  9. Not sure I believe this
  10. I have a mini helmet in my collection just like this
  11. The Monk

    Take draft grades with a grain of salt

    I take what these so-called experts opinions all with a grain of salt. Who appointed them experts anyway I sure didn't.