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  1. I thought this is how it worked but I wasn't 100% sure and I didn't want to give out bad information. So I thank you.👍
  2. Can't the Bills wait for him to clear waivers and then IR him?
  3. The Monk

    Josh Allen needs a nickname

    🐵 The Monk sounds good to me.
  4. The Monk

    How did AJ get that scar on his head?

    No that would have just caused him to go bald on the top of his head. lol
  5. Thanks for the information it is well appreciated. 👍
  6. I looked at the TV line up for August 9th on13WHAM.com from Rochester and they had other shows listed at the 7:00 pm time slot.
  7. The Monk

    How Old Are You?

    👴 I'm 53, but my family history doesn't bode well for me because most of my family usually don't make it to their late 60s. My cousin passed away on the way to the hospital at the age of 47 my grandparents all died in their 60s and my mother was only 60. My dad though has beaten the family curse because he just celebrated his 77th birthday on July 12 so I'm hoping to follow in his footsteps.
  8. The Monk

    why aren't the rookies reporting early?

  9. The Monk

    Could a multi QB offense work?

    This thread makes me wish that training camp gets here that much quicker so we can stop with all this nonsense.