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  1. LOL, now you're concerned that we can't run when your biggest offseason concern was that we were going to take the ball out of Josh's hands and go run heavy?
  2. lol, my favorite talking point had to be how we were going to take the ball out of Josh's hands and become a run first team because we signed a Titans tackle (as depth) that excels in run blocking!
  3. I like Johnson but he's just so slow. Hyde is the center fielder, I don't see that skill set anywhere else on the roster. My guess is that Poyer slides into Hyde's role and then Jaquan plays Poyer's role of being more in the box.
  4. Knox and Morris can split out wide as well.
  5. Yep, Jones and Phillips are going to get most of the snaps. Hopefully they can get off the field so there isn't as much need for rotation.
  6. I think Benfords eventual home might be safety. Not this year, but moving forward
  7. Problem is there is no where to really wait if you want to go into the stadium lots. They don't let cars lineup super early. If you go really early you'll prob be better off in a private lot.
  8. @ScottLaw our resident reserve interior oline and backup boundary receiver expert! What can you tell us about the Rams in these critical areas???
  9. If the hammy were injured would they stretch it out like that? To my eye it looks like cramping.
  10. Gibson has been falling as there has been talk of Robinson taking over as the starter.
  11. I think a factor in all of this is the messaging in the locker room. The "we're a family that loves each other" talking point that they get a lot of mileage out of. If Matt is innocent of these allegations, which many say doesn't matter since the distraction isn't worth a punter, can they really just cast him aside due to public pressure?
  12. Seems like the situation was common knowledge around SDSU and should have been uncovered with pre-draft vetting.
  13. Josh took one snap under center last week. He is going to take the vast majority of his snaps in shotgun. I would like to be able to run more effectively. It would be nice to be able to execute a nice four minute offense. But there is not going to be a drastic philosophical shift.
  14. I mean 2 of your three examples of your reasoning are projected depth players. Not sure their acquisitions are driving offensive strategy. Betting on this team to be run heavy is silly.
  15. The concept is a legal one. Joe Shmoe standing around the water cooler has no power to subject anyone to any criminal consequences. People are discussing these abhorrent claims. Everyone on the planet knows that he will not be subject to any criminal punishment until found guilty in a court of law.
  16. And this has been said no less that 100 times in this thread as if it is some sort of complex concept that everyone doesn't understand. No one here has the power to subject Matt to any criminal punishment. Innocent until proven guilty is for the courts.
  17. Idk, I think the conservative knock on McD has been pretty well put to bed the last couple of years. and the RB drafted is more of a receiving weapon, IMO
  18. Also, you can add that we invested in bringing in one of the leagues best oline coaches.
  19. Hopefully one of these years we'll fix the offense!
  20. Seems to me like they've made substantial investments in the oline with Dawkins, Morse, and Bates- and then going after Saffold. Drafting Spencer Brown and bringing in depth with starting experience. Yes, we will see. I wouldn't bet on one of the most pass happy teams in the league to "take the ball out of Allen's hands."
  21. Yes, now that he's cut Haack is off the depth chart. Prior to that, when these discussions took place, he was listed as the starting punter. This regime usually defers to vets when crafting these early depth charts. Do you believe Kumerow is first off the bench if Steph or Gabe go down?
  22. The depth chart where Haack was the starting punter?
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