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  1. why is somebody not shutting down this thread? Yet other threads with different political beliefs are shut down so quickly! Fracking has been PROVEN to destroy and obliterate the ecology of an area, not to mention the fire water they are experiencing as real sources...
  2. Sorry, I disagree. If someone is peaceful and clearly not a threat( aka 75 yr old man) that action is inexcusable. They were not being rushed by a mob. That was reprehensible behavior and they gave a man who was already dealing with cancer brain damage. NOT OK That explains the brain damage, lmao
  3. Police in America have an average of 15 weeks of training. Police in countries that have a much lower rate of police shootings have an average of 2 YEARS of training. Coincidence? I think not...
  4. His face should be seen and maligned, imho. Let him be known as the murderer he is! 8:46!
  5. Great read! Thanks. The praise for both Beane and Diggs are well deserved imo. This. Phillips(meatball jr.) and our free agency adds make me less worried about run D.
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