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  1. And thank you for taking the time to post a negative Nancy post to a thread you have no interest in. Here’s an idea, go away if you don’t like it!
  2. No. I know what a big part of this defense Hyde is. He’s the QB of the Defense, not Tremaine, imo. He will even adjust if Tremaine calls the wrong protection but he has Poyer back there. And they are like tomax and xamot. (GI Joe reference for the whippersnappers out there lol!) He is the mvp of our Defense imo.
  3. Discuss...I am in 100% agreement of this statement. If he went out our defense WILL suffer. Thoughts?
  4. Besides us they have played crappy teams. They will lose a game or we will just have to beat them there!👍🏼
  5. That sounds like Brady’s stats today! Should probably put the old guy down, lol.
  6. Troll much? Sorry you have an aging quarterback who completed under 50% yards of his passes. Josh Allen hasn’t started a full season yet.
  7. I just recommended that podcastto my work buddy today! Love it. I also like the focused on the team variety each week as opposed to the banal banter of one bills live, lol. I always thought sal gave a pretty good analysis too...
  8. The worst part of the article is when he says that Allen's increased completion % is due to him being asked to make easier throws. He was thought of as someone who couldn't throw with great anticipation bc of his rocket arm. He has proven that wrong.
  9. Does Sal have a new podcast? If so, what'a it called? Haven't come across it. Used to watch his live stream back when he was in florida, lol. BTW lot of respect for Cosell.
  10. I think Feliciano is great but I think Ford has more "upside"(God, I hate that word, lol). Ford imo is more physically gifted but Feliciano has way more grit. By studying under Feliciano ford will learn a lot. He is our starting guard for the next several years(but maybe starting in two).... Who do you like to read? I think the Athletic is par none. They do a very thorough and in depth analysis in my opinion. Any podcasts you or anyone else on the board might recommend? Thanks.
  11. Was at the game today and I have to say I was paying attention to Milano. I was worried about him coming off the injury, but he was a stud! Constantly around the ball and making plays. Glad to see that. Our defense is so much better with him on the field!
  12. Singletary had 98 yards on 9 touches! Bell? 92 on 23 touches! We might have gotten a steal in the draft!
  13. I would have kept Marcus Murphy or Duke over him. Thoughts?
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