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  2. Worked for me. I have had a nice somewhat lucrative career all in the field I majored in. I came out debt free. I only worked in the summer and a little part time when I was low on beer money. All this for serving a few years in a non combat MOS. Dang near anybody can do the same. Sorry, I just don't feel sorry for you if you have massive student loan debt and have to live with your parents til you're 40.
  3. i actually like that they did this. you just know that, if Shady is on the team opening day, he is going to have one hell of a chip on his shoulder. i like the thought of a pissed off Shady running the ball.
  4. Yikes. Nothing like getting injured before TC starts in your rookie year.
  5. Way down, way down In Alphabet Town There's a deal going down today There’s a deal going down in Alphabet Town And the wolves come out to play Now, they call him The Captain He's such a bulletproof guy He's been shot five times But he’ll never say die He wears a stone in his left ear He wears a skull in his tie You might think of taking him But you better not try
  6. You seriously think that Bear is eyeing the apple?? My money’s on the little girl’s right femur or the Mom’s upper torso.
  7. Hast du etwas Zeit für mich Dann singe ich ein Lied für dich Von neunundneunzig Luftballons Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont Denkst du vielleicht grad an mich Dann singe ich ein Lied für dich Von neunundneunzig Luftballons Und, dass so was von so was kommt Neunundneunzig Luftballons Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont Hielt man für UFOs aus dem All Darum schickte ein General 'Ne Fliegerstaffel hinterher Alarm zu geben, wenn's so wär Dabei waren dort am Horizont Nur neunundneunzig Luftballons
  8. Ok, folks. Now that the schedule has been released, where are we at the end of October? Are we within that magical 4 points of the final playoff birth, or on the outside looking in? I see us at 5-6. Ouch.
  9. I think McD would tell you it has to be about him, not Daboll. If McD isn't the leader of the offense, over the long term your offensive is only as good as the OC, and as soon as the OC is identified by the league as a star, he's gone to a HC position. McD has to install a system (or master a system someone else installs) for the team to have the long-term success he wants. Short term, of course, if Daboll does it without McD, I'm happy. Just so long as someone does it. I don't have a lot of reason to have the confidence in Daboll and the others as you do. I think it's purely wait and see. As I said, I think there's enough talent across the lineup to put competitive (at least average) talent on the field.
  10. I don't get it. If somebody is winning after one period, why would you have another.
  11. I should have known You'd bid me farewell There's a lesson to be learned from this And I learned it very well Now I know you're not the only starfish in the sea If I never hear your name again It's all the same to me And I think, It's gonna be alright Yeah, The worst is over now The mornin' sun is shining Like a red rubber ball You never care For secrets I confide For you I'm just an ornament Something for your pride Always running, never caring That's the life you live Stolen minutes of your time Were all you had to give And I think It's gonna be alright Yeah The worst is over now The mornin' sun is shining Like a red rubber ball
  12. Is the White Swallow that show with Coolidge and Salami?
  13. I was sittin' in a breakfast room in Allentown, Pennsylvania, six o'clock in the morning, got up to early, it was a terrible mistake... sittin' there face-to-face with a 75 cent glass of orange juice about as big as my finger and a bowl of horribly foreshortened cornflakes, and I said to myself: "This is the life!"...
  14. I don’t know, there’s been some decent give and take today. Not a whole lotta pissing and moaning today. Yet, anyway.
  15. At least he hasn't PM'ed you and @Gugny yet to meet up with him at some club called "The White Swallow". I simply refuse and wish not to take no parts in his sport drinking activities.
  16. Maybe it's just me, but if Andy Reid who already has Alex Smith calls me and wants to trade me a 1st round pick so he can draft a QB, I tell him no and hang up. Then I draft the guy he wanted.
  17. Especially after the Lawson shoulder issue? Half this board went nuts.
  18. I hear what you’re saying and I hope he does show he’s arrived this season, but if he does arrive in a big way, then I think what he might command as a free agent could be too rich for Beane’s blood. Regardless, it would be a GREAT problem to have.
  19. It's a zombie thread, limping on due to the obstinate pessimism of the likes of SoTier.
  20. If McD can stay out of the way, I think Daboll and the O staff is up to the challenge.
  21. Well we're living here in Allentown And they're closing all the factories down Out in Bethlehem they're killing time Filling out forms Standing in line Well our fathers fought the Second World War Spent their weekends on the Jersey Shore Met our mothers in the USO Asked them to dance Danced with them slow And we're living here in Allentown But the restlessness was handed down And it's getting very hard to stay Well we're waiting here in Allentown For the Pennsylvania we never found For the promises our teachers gave If we worked hard If we behaved So the graduations hang on the wall But they never really helped us at all No they never taught us what was real Iron and coal And chromium steel And we're waiting here in Allentown But they've taken all the coal from the ground And the union people crawled away Every child has a pretty good shot To get at least as far as their old man got But something happened on the way to that place They threw an American flag in our place Well I'm living here in Allentown And it's hard to keep a good man down But I won't be giving up today And we're living here in Allentown
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