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Buffalo Bills News - November 24, 2002

Marker Turbulent Jet flight [5:57 AM]
New York Post reports: '"We left [Buffalo] thinking no matter what we do we're going to win," Jets' SS Sam Garnes said. "We felt like no matter what, we were going to do something to win. We'd just finished 4-0 in preseason . . . When we stepped on the field we thought we were supposed to win every game." Then, of course, came the skid that still could cost the Jets a playoff berth unless they win at least four of their final six games and probably five of the last six.'

Marker It's a whole new ballgame for Bills [5:56 AM]
New York Post reports: '"From the first day I met him, the first day he got to town, he kind of had that swagger to him," said Moulds, a Pro Bowl player. "He walked up to me the first time I met him and said, ‘Are you ready to do this?' Let's go out and change this thing around and become a contender.' "'

Marker Check out the big brain on Chad [5:55 AM]
New York Post reports: 'Pruett says the Jets future has just gotten so bright, "they need to wear sunglasses." Take his word for it. This quarterback will never be blinded by any glare he creates.'

Marker Jets face up to the press-ure [5:54 AM]
New York Post reports: 'One of the Jets' primary focuses today will be slowing down Bills RB Travis Henry, who in the opener gashed their defense for a 149 yards and three TDs, both career highs. Henry is fifth in the AFC with 874 rushing yards and has nine rushing TDs.'

Marker Earlier Troubles A Speed Bump [5:53 AM]
New York Newsday reports: '"Everything is new," Hackett said. "Everything is an adventure, and it's all improving. Now, can we continue to improve through the season? I would expect us to. Will we have some down games? Yes, I would expect us to, because we're just figuring this thing out. But the signs are all there."'

Marker Hackett scoring points [5:52 AM]
Newark Star Ledger reports: 'Early this season, Hackett's detractors were out in full force again as the Jets stumbled to a 1-4 start and then blew an 18-point lead against the Cleveland Browns to fall to 2-5. They laughed at Hackett's reputation as a quarterback guru. Now, with the Jets at 5-5 and back in the playoff hunt, and quarterback Chad Pennington giving fans hope for the future, both in 2002 and beyond, there is little whining about Hackett as the Jets meet the Buffalo Bills (5-5) today at the Meadowlands.'

Marker Jets' receivers good, but Bills' are Peerless [5:51 AM]
Bergen Record reports: 'The Jets are rightly proud of their little receivers who can. Laveranues Coles is emerging as a legitimate future Pro Bowl contender. Wayne Chrebet is old and reliable. Santana Moss is new and volatile. But the Jets' trio are in danger of being overshadowed today by the Buffalo Bills' goliath wide receivers. Eric Moulds, Peerless Price, and rookie Josh Reed aren't that huge in stature - Moulds is the tallest at 6-foot-2 - but their receiving numbers tower over almost all other two- and three-wideout combinations in the league.'

Marker Jets look to run in cooler weather [5:50 AM]
Asbury Park Press/The Home New Tribune reports: '"You want to have a good running game this part of the year," Jets coach Herman Edwards said. "If you can run now it is going to help you, especially when you play outdoors. It's just the way the season kind of goes at the end of the year. A lot of guys are banged up and tackling becomes kind of bad."'

Marker Every game is important for playoffs now [5:49 AM]
Asbury Park Press/The Home News Tribune reports: 'While the Jets have scrambled back to the .500 mark by winning four of their last five games, there's no time to catch their breath. They're still on the outside of the playoffs looking in with six games remaining, and face an incredibly difficult run of games.'

Marker Top-flight WRs spice rematch [5:48 AM]
Middletown Times Herald Record reports: 'But the game pits the NFL's top pass-catching duo in Moulds and Peerless Price (as well as rookie Josh Reed) against the AFC's top-rated passer, Chad Pennington, and his trio of threats – Laveranues Coles, Wayne Chrebet and Santana Moss. That can quickly turn into a game of tit-for-tat, big-catch-for-big-catch.'

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November 23, 2002

Marker Eric Moulds on the Jets [7:33 PM]
Jets Confidential reports: '"They are playing more consistent. They are mixing their coverages up a lot better when playing the pass and they are playing solid football on defense. I think that they are giving the offense a chance to score more points. Their offense is playing well. Overall, they are playing a lot better, and I think that as a team, as a whole, they are a solid football team."'

Marker Raiders, McNabb, Harrison top Week 11 lists [6:53 PM]
ESPN reports: Bills CB Chris Watson made a textbook coverage break-up on Trent Green's 36-yard pass to Eddie Kennison that was ruled pass interference. It put the Chiefs on the Buffalo 19, where they drove it in for the winning score. Some official needs to be held accountable for a brutal call at a critical time.

Buffalo at New York Jets -- Just a feeling that the loser of this game will be watching the playoffs for sure.

Marker Mr. Bill [12:52 PM]
Bergen Record reports: '"He's running strong and powerful," Jets nose tackle Jason Ferguson said. "We've just got to get more than one hat [helmet] on him."'

Marker Szott eager to return to gridiron [9:15 AM]
Asbury Park Press/Home News Tribune reports: 'And while he's still probably at least a week away from being available to play, he's finally with a team that's within driving distance away from Jersey and his Morristown home, allowing him to help his wife and relatives care for his 7-year-old son, who can't walk or speak because of cerebral palsy.'

Marker Jets have enjoyed season largely free of major injuries [9:14 AM]
Asbury Park Press/Home News Tribune reports: 'There have been a few other nicks here and there, but defensive back Jamie Henderson is the only guy on injured reserve. The Giants, on the other hand, have nine guys on IR.'

Marker Turnaround has inflated Jets' egos [9:07 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"When you win you feel better about everything," Jets coach Herman Edwards said. "The meal tastes a little bit better. Your wife all of a sudden becomes better looking. You pet the dog rather than trying to kick the dog. All those things come with winning, and these guys haven't tasted that in a while."'

Marker NFL's appeal: No pain, no game [5:33 AM]
D and C reports: '“Everybody who plays the game plays with a little sense of denial, and you have to play that way,” quarterback Drew Bledsoe said. “You don’t think about the possibility of getting hurt, but when something like that does happen, everyone gets a feeling that this is a fraternity. We compete against each other but we ultimately care about each other, also.”'

Marker Williams could benefit from more Sunday school classes [5:32 AM]
D and C reports: 'But Williams has not been a brilliant or innovative game-day coach and he too often attempts to deflect criticism of dubious strategic moves.'

Marker It's Not How Jets Started, It's How They Will Finish [5:31 AM]
New York Times reports: 'In the last five seasons, the Jets have produced a 19-11 record over the final six games.'

Marker Cowart makes his move [5:30 AM]
New York Post reports: 'The coaches felt Cowart would be better over the tackle instead of the tight end. It has given him more familiarity during games and it is not a secret he is playing better now.'

Marker Luck, hard work keep Gang Green healthy [5:29 AM]
New York Post reports: '"I think it is a little bit of both," Jets coach Herman Edwards said. "I think it is a little bit of conditioning and a little bit of luck, too. I just think you have to be very careful, especially now at the end of the year, of how you run practice, making sure you are getting enough rest."'

Marker Baker's block party begins [5:28 AM]
New York Daily News reports: 'Chris Baker never thought about playing football in New York.'

Marker Jets Must Get to Bledsoe [5:27 AM]
New York Newsday reports: '"He knows he'll get hit, but that doesn't bother him," Jets defensive tackle Josh Evans said admiringly Friday. "He'll sit back and take it. He just wants to get the ball in the receiver's hands."'

Marker Bills have dangerous duo [5:26 AM]
Newark Star Ledger reports: '"He hangs in there (the pocket)," Jets coach Herman Edwards said of Bledsoe. "He gives them another step or so to make a play. He's able to do that. He's got a strong arm. He makes the throws that other quarterbacks can't make, so that helps, too. But the receivers are gifted. They're good players.";

Marker Bills the Subject of TNT's Second String [4:31 AM]
TNT reports: 'Gil Bellows, Jon Voight, Richard T. Jones and Teri Polo star in the upcoming Turner Network Television (TNT) Original film SECOND STRING, a comedy-drama about a group of benchwarmers who go all the way to the Super Bowl.'

November 22, 2002

Marker Bills' return policy: Jets don't get any [9:01 AM]
Buffalo News reports: '"I'm looking forward to smacking them in the mouth a couple times on special teams and let them know that was a fluke and it's not going to happen again," said linebacker DaShon Polk. "I'm picturing that kickoff on Sunday. I hope we get to kickoff to start the game so we can go put some wood to him and let him know, "Hey man, don't think it's going to happen again.' "'

Marker Newly signed Favors might play Sunday [9:00 AM]
Buffalo News reports: 'Favors, who began his career in Kansas City, started 27 of 32 games the last two years in Tennessee. He joined Indianapolis as an unrestricted free agent this year but was inactive for every game before getting released. He is expected to back up Keith Newman on the strong side, opposite the tight end.'

Marker Bills' Polk plans to return hurt on Jets [5:23 AM]
D and C reports: 'The Bills and Jets collide again Sunday in a critical AFC East showdown at Giants Stadium, and while Polk stopped short of making any Bengal-like guarantees, he was steadfast in his belief that Morton won’t be prancing through the kickoff coverage unit this time.'

Marker For Szott, Returning Requires Transition [5:22 AM]
New York Times reports: 'The remarkably fast comeback of Jets guard Dave Szott from a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee will give the Jets' offensive line a boost in the final month of the season.'

Marker Gunfight at the Meadowlands [5:21 AM]
New York Post reports: '"The Buffalo Bills are going to feel like, 'You know what, Drew? Let's saddle it up, we're on your shoulders, take us to a win,' " Malone said. "They'll come out and throw it every single down, so I think the Jets will have their hands full."'

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