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Buffalo Bills News - September 7, 2003

Marker Bills face uphill climb in East [5:01 AM]
Toronto Star reports: 'The Bills haven't made a playoff appearance in three seasons and there's talk the drought could end this season.'

Marker A very Brady sequel [5:00 AM]
Boston Globe reports: 'The sobering release of Lawyer Milloy for salary cap purposes last week only cemented Brady's belief that football is all about business. He saw that first-hand when coach Bill Belichick promised an injured Drew Bledsoe that he'd have his job when he returned, only to change his mind when Brady led the team on a winning streak. Loyalty, says Brady, is simply not compatible with the NFL. "I think it's OK to think that way," Brady said. "I learned a tough lesson coming out of Michigan [where Drew Henson encroached on his status as the No. 1 quarterback]. I thought I was owed something. That wasn't the way it was.'

Marker Secondary repercussions [4:59 AM]
Boston Globe reports: 'Belichick and personnel director Scott Pioli also failed to realize that Milloy's agent, Carl Poston, had a vested interest in his client not working out a deal in New England. Because Milloy's contract had been negotiated by Ray Anderson -- who later became an executive with the Atlanta Falcons -- the Postons received no money for representing Milloy as long as it remained in effect.'

Marker The safety is off [4:58 AM]
Boston Globe reports: '"I guess it's an advantage, or whatever," said Milloy, who headed into the weekend was still uncertain whether he would suit up today against the team he helped lead to a Super Bowl championship some 20 months ago. "But I hope it would be an advantage because of the way I play and not because I was a rat, you know? Giving [the Bills] all the [Patriots] calls -- I'm not all about that."'

Marker Patriots have another ex- factor to deal with today [4:57 AM]
Boston Globe reports: '"I think this will hurt the Patriots in signing some of their players," Milloy said last week. "There's got to be young guys thinking, `This is the way they treat their veterans?' That's going to be out there. You're going to see free agents think twice before they come there."'

Marker Bill aim to gain ground [4:56 AM]
Boston Herald reports: 'The pick: Buffalo by 3.'

Marker A new test for Brady [4:55 AM]
Boston Herald reports: 'From the Patriots' perspective, not much has changed. The big moves in the offseason came on defense. The offense still has a line that hasn't been able to generate movement and the backs are still Smith and Faulk, who averaged 3.3 and 3.5 yards, respectively, per carry in the preseason. That's not going to get it done in the real season.'

Marker Drew grit [4:54 AM]
Boston Herald reports: 'Among active quarterbacks, Bledsoe ranks third in attempts, completions, yards and touchdowns behind only the Packers' Brett Favre and the Jets' Vinny Testaverde in those categories.'

Marker Bills refuse to play fool [4:53 AM]
Boston Herald reports: 'Could it be that the Bills have been hoodwinked again by another of Patriots coach Bill Belichick's schemes?'

Marker NFL eyes tampering [4:52 AM]
Boston Herald reports: 'NFL spokesman Greg Aiello confirmed last night that the league will look into the circumstances regarding Milloy's release by the Pats and his subsequent free agent status. There is evidence that Milloy and/or his agents spoke to other teams prior to his release Tuesday morning.'

Marker Self-paralysis [4:51 AM]
Boston Herald reports: 'For $600,000, he could have retained his Pro Bowl safety and team captain and leader and maintained team harmony and the momentum built over the course of the last six months through the draft and free agency and a 4-0 preseason record.'

Marker Tom Brady has been flying solo, but new QB coach John Hufnagel gives him a certified ... Flight inst [4:50 AM]
Boston Herald reports: '``I think it really does help,'' Brady said of his training camp work with Hufnagel. ``Quarterbacks understand other quarterbacks. You can watch film at night and from that video (shot from) 50 feet high, you can see everything, but as a quarterback sometimes you are looking through offensive lineman or looking through lots of bodies to find certain receivers that are open. That's the process of being a quarterback. He understands that process and understands what we're trying to do because he's DONE it before.'''

Marker Changing face of the defense [4:49 AM]
Metro West Daily News reports: 'The Patriots' third-down efficiency ranked 26th last year, as the team allowed 95 first downs in 221 chances (43 percent).'

Marker Fourth down territory [4:48 AM]
Metro West Daily News reports: '4th Down -- Antowain Smith's Buffalo performance. In four games against his former team, Smith has rushed 86 times for 374 yards and four touchdowns, while adding a pair of touchdown receptions. He's been entrenched in a battle for snaps with Kevin Faulk, but his past outings vs. the Bills should get him more time.'

Marker Pats, Bills will prove whether familiarity breeds contempt [4:47 AM]
Providence Journal reports: 'Talk about must-see TV.'

Marker Pillars in their fields certainly put an interesting spin on Lawyer-ing [4:46 AM]
Providence Journal reports: '"A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns."'

Marker Give Pats edge in battle among Gang of Four [4:45 AM]
Providence Journal reports: 'Buffalo: 10-6 -- This Bills defense will be good and that's what held them back last season. You have to love their cornerbacks, Nate Clements and Antoine Winfield, and the additions of linebacker Jeff Posey and Takeo Spikes and safety Lawyer Milloy makes their "back-seven" hard to deal with. Offensively, the loss of Peerless Price is significant. Eric Moulds was quarterback Drew Bledsoe's preferred target, but Price was nearly as explosive last year. Second-year man Josh Reed has great hands and is productive but his skill set doesn't match Price's. According to an NFC personnel man who scouted the Bills in the preseason, the offensive line is not giving Bledsoe enough time. Bledsoe went down 54 times in 2002 and that news doesn't bode well for 2003.'

Marker Pats know what it's like, have what it takes to win [4:44 AM]
Providence Journal reports: 'Season prediction: 12-4. Destination: AFC Championship vs. Tennessee.'

Marker Pre-camp predictions get further review [4:43 AM]
Providence Journal reports: 'Lawyer Milloy will demonstrate the wrong way to deal with questions about his ballooning contract by belligerently suggesting he's Ronnie Lott, Gary Fencik and Rod Woodson rolled into one.'

Marker Crunch Time [4:42 AM]
Providence Journal reports: 'So they released him. Even though they knew it wasn't for the immediate best of the team, they felt it was best for the long term. A business decision. Every player has a ceiling price. And Milloy was past his.'

Marker Curtain raises on the soap opera [4:41 AM]
Woonsocket Call reports: 'For at least one week in Western New York, football will leapfrog professional wrestling as the official soap opera for men.'

Marker Thinking Pats, breathing Pats, sleeping Pats [4:40 AM]
Woonsocket Call reports: 'We don't know the guys who will play strong safety from Adam, but like a good Christian, I'll be saying my prayers when other teams try to go down the middle of the field. I'm sure that Coach Belichick got down on his knees and Brady made the right decision in cutting Milloy.There's no question that the Pats will miss Milloy's straight out of Compton toughness and intensity.'

Marker New England not overly prepared to take on Bills [4:39 AM]
Woonsocket Call reports: '"I think that on paper and on the practice field we are a better football team," argued Bledsoe. "We made some good additions defensively. Our offensive line has had another training camp to work together."'

Marker Another Twist In Buffalo [4:38 AM]
Hartford Courant reports: 'They finished 4-0 in the exhibition season for only the third time in their history, but much of that good karma vanished Monday when coach Bill Belichick dumped team captain and spiritual leader Lawyer Milloy because the four-time Pro Bowl choice refused to take a pay cut from the $4.4 million he was due in 2003.'

Marker It's time to measure up [4:37 AM]
Springfield Republican reports: 'Belichick has to wonder if his team is OK with the Milloy issue that broke only five days ago. He knows the players don't like it, even resent it, but he also undoubtedly expects them to play well in spite of those emotions. "Tuesday was a tough day," Belichick said, "but I think the overall concentration and focus on the field was good through the week. We'll be ready to go."'

Marker Brown leads by example [4:36 AM]
Springfield Republican reports: 'I think that every year. We've just got to go out and prove it.'

Marker How to fire a Lawyer [4:35 AM]
Springfield Republican reports: 'Milloy, as proud as they come, was apparently willing to take a sizable pay cut. He was also willing, if necessary, to test that open market - not always the friendliest of places at this time of the year. He did pretty well, though, with a reported 4-year, $15 million deal that included a $5 million signing bonus.'

Marker Donahoe making the right moves [4:34 AM]
Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports: 'Buffalo radio stations are calling Donahoe "the general manager of the century".'

Marker Milloy ouster leaves a New England frost [4:33 AM]
Baltimore Sun reports: 'The aftershocks are still rippling through New England.'

Marker Bills happy to pick up another Patriots castoff [4:32 AM]
Indianapolis Star reports: 'Rumor has it someone in New England was leaking word that safety Lawyer Milloy's game had slipped. Buffalo president and general manager Tom Donahoe has heard that one before. It's a good one. That's how the Bills got quarterback Drew Bledsoe in 2002.'

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